Artist Profile – OFWGKTA – The Internet

I’m a fan of Odd Future. I found out about Tyler, The Creator last year during my “Lent,” and ever since, I’ve been screaming “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school.” Okay, maybe not OUT LOUD in the general public, but I have been keeping up with most of their music, with the majority of their members. I’ve downloaded essentially every mixtape/album that’s been put out, and I will continue to do so, instead of hopping from one trend to the other (unlike the people who jump ship every time a new artist with buzz comes around). There’s a lot of them who make music (Tyler, Hodgy, Earl, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Left Brain, Frank Ocean, Taco & Jasper are…I wouldn’t say rappers, but simply there for comedic purposes, and lastly The Super 3 or Jet Age of Tomorrow). I don’t really need/want to go into a full history of the group, because that’s not my intent. My intent is to shed light on the newest addition (well not really new, but just now starting to make music), The Internet, which compiles the likes of Syd The Kid, who usually NEVER speaks, and producer Matt Martians (basically it’s pretty much like the Rapper-Producer combo of MellowHype) I was very surprised to hear Syd sing for the first time on a single entitled Love Song. It was quite jazz/funk-ish, and I could definitely rock with it. The whole OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) group has a distinct uniqueness within each other, and The Internet is just another addition to the eclectic piece of the large pie. Syd is an open Lesbian, and has such expressed it in various interviews, and she’s comfortable with it, you can also tell in her lyrics when she’s talking about girls and whatnot. That’s what I like about her. She’s real with herself, she doesn’t put on a huge front like it’s a trend, but she makes it all work for her in the right ways. You can hear her in full depth on The Internet’s debut album Naked Purple Ladies, which is definitely worth the listen. It’s really dope (in a non-hipster figure of speech way), and quite enjoyable. Another form on their (OFWGKTA) creativity comes into play with their music videos. Tyler made the biggest splash with Yonkers

Then came MellowHype with 64
But then it was time for The Internet to show off what they could do. So, I present to you (In the order that they should be watched, because you have to watch both, but one came before the other), Fastlane & Cocaine (Both songs are on the album, which I’ve posted in the album cover). Enjoy.

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