(Mixtape) Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 – OFWGKTA

This leaked early; as expected, let’s be honest, this wasn’t going to hold out until the release date, but still happy that it’s here right as the March Madness NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts up.

One of the main reasons why I love (I was going to say “like,” but love is more accurate) Odd Future is because they have so many different styles within every artist, and their music is spread out through various sounds that a lot of people can appeal to, just read what I wrote about them & The Internet (here).

This mixtape instills that musical diversity that I was referring to. Through listening to it, I only found that there’s one track that I don’t like (50 is doing TOO MUCH!!), but the rest of it is really sound, so I would definitely recommend it, so enjoy it. Click photo for download

Non-Torrent Link

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