Album Review – The Lady Killer – Cee Lo Green

1. Random choice, I know

2. It came out in 2010, I know

3. DAMN! This a really good album

Everyone seemed to have forgotten about Cee Lo Green because he was in Gnarls Barkley, and before that he was looking like a Drag Queen when he came out with that ‘Closet Freak’ song and everyone pretty much thought that he’d lost his damn mind, because I know for a FACT that I did. I decided to listen to this album, simply because I’ve heard enough singles to be like, alright, let me finally listen to this album.

From the intro, to the last song, I was astounded by the songs, the production, and the overall sound of the album. It was much different from what I had anticipated. I wouldn’t even know which genre to categorize it in, simply because there was pop, there was dashes of hip hop, and a jazz ensemble on almost every song, so I could throw that in there as well. Aside from Fuck You being played 100x on the radio and in retail stores (like the one I work at) every single day, there are actually a lot of good songs on this album.

The common theme of this album is a woman. The joy, the lust, the love, and of course the eventual pain and heartbreak. The term Lady Killer is one used for males who are famously known for killing a woman’s emotions (kill them with kindness, if you would), or essentially being an emotional over-bearer on females. It could also mean the exact opposite, whereas the female is the one doing the killing of emotions, which is the route that Cee Lo took on this album.

There’s a woman he had, wants back, but can’t seem to have, but is continuously professing his love her, because she’s worth it, and why not? When you want something so bad, why can’t you have it? Just have to be determined enough to work hard for it, or at least that’s just my understanding of it.

Overall, I loved this album, because Cee Lo shows off his strengths not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter with his captivating stories of passionate love for a woman, and coming from him, a lot of us wouldn’t have imagined that 10-15 years ago, he would have went this route, but he did, and he made it work for him, so check out the album, and do enjoy, because it’s one worth having.

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