(Mixtape) Curren$y – Here (EP)

I’m not the biggest Currensy fan in the world. I don’t really pay attention to the whole J.E.T.S movement or any of that. I have, however, listened to Covert Coupe & Verde Terrace. It would have never in my life occurred to me that he was from New Orleans. Not a single gram of occurrence shall have passed through me at all. He’s like a hippy. He smokes a lot, and he doesn’t mind rapping about it. 75% of the time, that’s pretty much what he talks about: smoking weed and/or (most and) the after effects of it. He does tend to rap about other stuff, but like I said, I haven’t really sat down and paid attention to a lot of his collection of work. He has an ill flow, I’ll give him that, and I heard him on a couple of songs on other people’s mixtapes, so he’s not terrible, it just may take me a while to get into him.

BUT, to the main point, he released a 5-song EP, literally after (or it might have been during) the Superbowl. Good marketing tool, if I may say so myself. This is a good mixtape, I won’t lie. I listened to it at work, and I probably would have had it on repeat. It’s that good, so I’ll let you have your take at it. Enjoy

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