New Music – Muscle Car Chronicles (Album) – Curren$y

So, seemingly out of nowhere (and given the fact that he just released an EP), with hardly an announcement, Curren$y drops an album, which is believed to be his last album with his former label since signing with Warner Brothers. I wasn’t on this guy for the longest time, but I must say that I am digging his style as of recent. He might talk about weed & bitches a lot, but his flow his smooth, and he brings a style that’s really chillin’. It took me a while to get into him, but I’m a fan of his, but I’m not about to be craze and over obsessive, but whenever he puts out new music, I will be supporting it. This new album entitled Muscle Car Chronicles, is a different feel. He brings an indie rock feel to the album, mixed with some 90s G-Funk, and Blues. It’s different, it’s vibrant, and I enjoy it. I give it my stamp of approval, so Enjoy this one. JetLife.

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