Artist Profile – Meek Mill

“Niggas say I’m Hollywood when I’m Hollyhood
Put my life on the line for them, shit I probably would
Switch that to probably woulda, I mean probably coulda,
Put it on probably shoulda, but ain’t nobody realer”

Rappers from Philadelphia have always had the reputation because of their harsh accents and grimy lyrics (See: Cassidy/Freeway/Beanie Sigel), and Meek Mill does contribute to that generic brand. I first heard of this guy YEARS ago, when I was watching one of his freestyle battle videos (this was when he was Meek Millz), and honestly, from that one video, I could tell that he was going to be something ridiculous one day (his first verse was ridiculous), but here’s the thing that was really messed up; I never kept up with his mixtapes or anything, so i feel like I missed out on a lot, but I still knew about him, so I’m not completely out of the loop.

When I found out that he was getting signed with Maybach Music, I was excited as hell, because I knew that he would bring a lot to the game that has been missing: Raw energy mixed with talent. The guy can rap, let’s not get that twisted right now. He. Can. Drop. Bars. People seem to get lost by the fact that he makes club bangers, but if you listen to a lot of his older stuff like the Flamers series for instance where he essentially built his reputation (aside from the YouTube videos), you can see that the boy can spit.

What he’s brought to MMG has been nothing but positive results. he has essentially made the rest of the group better and pretty much everyone wants to work with the guy, and he’s still pretty much a rookie, having only released one mixtape since signing with them. Let’s not forget that this guy is practically MY AGE, but he’s gone through a lot of stuff, but has grinded his way to success. That’s the only way to go, and he stayed focused on what he had to do to get there. It’s really cliché of me to say that, because essentially every rapper does that, but he was really the first rapper that I watched get YouTube fame and then translate it to the music industry. There’s a lot of battle rappers, and others who have also made their rise to fame with social networking (Souljaboy with MySpace & YouTube was probably the first, or at least the most recognizable figure, even though I don’t consider him a rapper), but Meek, to me, was the one that I actually cared about.

He has a lot of time to really develop and get even bigger and better, and him being with MMG really helped him get 10 steps ahead, but there’s much work to be done from him. Concerts, freestyles, and mixtapes are good, but I’m more interested in seeing what he can do as far as album sales, and his debut album is scheduled to release this year, so I’m hype for that. So, listen to the mixtapes, download if you like, but this is one rapper that you will be hearing a lot about, if you haven’t already, so get familiar.

Flamers Series

Mr. Philadelphia


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