Artist Profile – Ace Hood

“People want that gutter back, that’s just who I do it for
Giving ’em that manure flow, how would I know, I’m trained to go
Heard them niggas dropping meat so fuck it hears a dick to blow”

Now, look….before you go and say, “what the hell? Why this guy,” hear me out. I too, was one of those people who just heard ‘Hustle Hard’ and I was like “oh okay, he’s one of those rappers? Not gonna bother.” I was wrong. I didn’t think of any reason to actually listen to him until my boy Rell (also a fellow Eagles fan) asked me if I listened to him at all. I straight up told him that I didn’t think much of him since ‘Hustle Hard,’ but he assured me that there was more to it than that ghetto anthem. So, he sent me a couple of mixtapes to listen to, and I went from there.

I really was wrong about this guy, from what I first perceived him to be: He’s not just another one of those trap rappers that are just popping up left, right, and centre. To be really honest, he reminds me of Meek Mill because of the hunger in his delivery and the raw lyrics that he raps. He’s a rapper that comes from the struggle, and he’s honest about his life when you take in his struggles like his daughter dying and other stories that he talks about even dealing with his mother. He’s a rapper that is gritty, and is using his experiences to tell everyone a story, which is really what rap was supposed to be about in the first place, not bragging about money & jewels that you bought off layaway at the local K-Mart. It’s about telling a story, captivating an audience, but remaining true to yourself in the process; THAT’S what I feel has been missing from the rap game lately and just fled from the underground, but is slowly resurfacing. Ace Hood is an example of someone who could be very much overlooked or even mistaken for a different kind of rapper unless you take him in seriously.

I thank Rell for sending me his music, because I think I’ve found another rapper to add to my rotation. This guy is one to listen to because he keeps it real, and can get you hype in the process. He switches it up from time to time, diverging from humble to ignorant, to sentimental, to charming the ladies. He’s a good rapper. Not one for the bars, but more for the content. His flow is wicked too, and as I’ve stated before, he’s just raw, and full of hunger, which I like. So take him in, and you too enjoy, and it just goes to show you that there’s no harm in going outside of the regular and discovering something new.

These were the mixtapes I was given to listen, but if you want to listen to his older stuff, I’m sure all of his stuff is on DatPiff, so enjoy.


Blood, Sweat & Tears

The Statement 2

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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