(New Mixtape) Untitled EP – Hodgy Beats

Blu dropped an album, BJ the Chicago Kid dropped an album, Kid CuDi…….never mind. Either way, it’s been a good push to the end of the month for music, hip hop wise. After releasing the video & first single from the upcoming Odd Future Vol 2. Album that’s slated to come out next month, Hodgy Beats (with really no forewarning) dropped an EP, which is untitled, I think he did that by accident, but either way, it doesn’t matter. This EP is NICE!! Hodgy Beats is really slept on, and a lot of people who listen to Odd Future can tell you that he’s one of the best rappers in the group, arguably 2nd behind Earl Sweatshirt (even though Earl is not affiliated with OF right now). Hodgy flows on beats provided by Juicy J and The Alchemist to name a couple, but he definitely did his thing on this, so enjoy this one. It’s HOT!

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