Hodgy Beats – Years

“Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?”

That’s a very good question, Hodgy Beats. I’m glad that this guy is back to making music. Hearing him on Tyler’s album was great, and then also on Jet Age’s EP. Untitled EP is one of my favourite mixtapes that I’ll always give praise because we got to Hear Hodgy on beats that weren’t exclusively Odd Future produced and you get a feel for what type of rapper he can strive to be. Hodgy is one of (many people argue that he is) the best rappers in Odd Future, and you could make the argument when it comes to consistency with music since The Dena Tape. Tyler told us first: “Frank came out the closet, Hodgy’s an alcoholic…”, with his son being on the cover for the much anticipated Untitled 2, it’s going to get real personal, but he’s still going to maintain his fundamental style, which I can’t wait for. Saturday is the date, so until that time, ride with this one; perhaps you’ll take it to the beach . Enjoy.

They say you never reach what you search on your duration’s visit
We die to make a living
And do things like pay attention
On your road your daily mission
Skys the limit, limbs extended
Care to see the land and the water
Where nature created friendship

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