KONY 2012 – Invisible Children

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I just finished watching this video, and let me just say that I haven’t seen anything like this before in my lifetime. The world that we live in now has changed in ways that haven’t been imagined by even the greatest philosophers to walk the Earth. In a world where social media has really made an impact in the most ways, this video shows how we can take another step further to change the game.

Joseph Kony is a name I’ve never heard of, and maybe none of you have heard about him either, but he’s a terrible human being. He’s in charge of kidnapping 30 000+ children in Africa and converting them into rebellious soldiers. The objective of the Invisible Children is to bring him to justice like how Saddam Hussein was, like Osama Bin Laden & Hitler (in his time). This is a powerful movement that I really believe in, and I strongly encourage you all to read this, watch the video, and share it out.

A lot of people look past some of these things and worry about their own well-being, but we’re all humans, we have to at least think about that; the world is bigger than just you, you have to think about the lives of others, and shit, my descendants are African, and in another life, this could have been me, or even you if you have relatives in Africa that may be victim to this. So make a change, have a voice, and make it heard. I know I will, so what about you? Why not? Wouldn’t you feel proud about making a change in someone’s life? I would. So please, share this out, and tell people you know about it. It just may work. Let’s do this.

One thought on “KONY 2012 – Invisible Children

  1. This is an inspirational video and movement! Everyone should somehow partake in this, SUPPORT STOP KONY 2012!

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