(New Mixtape) Reform School – Tona

This has been a good year for music thus far, might I say, and although the majority of music I’ve listened to has been from American artists, I’ll never stray away from my Canadian Content. Tona is one of my favourite Canadian artists, not only because he’s from Scarborough, but because he has a nice flow and he gets the job done on essentially every track he touches. Direct Deposit is one of the best Canadian mixtapes I’ve heard, and from there I was a fan of his.

This mixtape features solid production from the likes of Boi-1da & Rich Kidd, and there is hope for not only the city of Toronto and the rappers from here, but also in the country. Canadians have been getting some shine lately, and it’s only a matter of time before we make a big splash in the music industry. Drake isn’t the only one who can represent this great city (even though, he pisses me off sometimes), because we have what it takes, we just need to work on us progressing to something big.

Enough of the prophetical junk. Enjoy this mixtape, because it’s HOT!

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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