(Album) No York E Mo Work (Rmx Z 1.3) – Blu

Okay, so I did an Artist Profile on Blu, which you should remember, and one of the albums I included int here was No York. Well, this guy, since he’s notorious for just releasing any and everything at unexpected times, released an album that features remixes from some of the songs from the album, and called it (read the title above). I listened to it, and I can’t lie, it’s pretty good. Some of the vocals didn’t exactly match up with the remixed instrumentals all the way through, but it still brought a different vibe to it, and the cover art of this featuring the Twin Towers’ last stand at 9/11 is really powerful, and it’s the all around theme of the album. Blu never really does disappoint me, even though a lot of people would find him boring (I can understand how), but he’s just really eclectic and his lyrics & songs just sometimes go over the top. Read more about him in the profile, because I’m not about to go on and on about it. Grab No York (original) from there as well, but for now, enjoy this.

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