Justice For Injustice – Vent XII

What is this so-called justice that we call anymore? The innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent theories don’t even apply it seems. We’ve witnessed a lot of crimes seemingly look like they deserved the harshest crimes, yet the end results were nothing more than slaps on the wrists. Why is that? Why is it that people who have done their crimes don’t necessarily get the time that is deserved of them to do? Are they not apart of the same society that we live in? In which way are they different from us when it comes down to throwing down a sentencing on a murder charge? It makes no sense, and as much as I can sit here and write about how this needs to change, I know it won’t. But, I’m going to write anyways, because I can.

“The government doesn’t give a fuck about your safety. They sell guns at Walmart, they don’t give a fuck about you!” – Chris Rock: Never Scared

Injustice is a word that is used when a person isn’t judged fairly, whether it’s for an innocent person or a guilty person; everyone has a right to a fair trial, and what exactly is fair? You’re one person sitting in a room full of people who have pretty much been hand selected from the public to “perform their civil service.” These people all have their own views and opinions of what should happen to the person which they are supposed to be judging. Many cases over the years have ended with so much controversy because of human error, but at the same time, it’s not like crimes aren’t solved and justice isn’t prevailed by using the same method, I’m just saying that it should always be a fair trial for whomever is sitting in front of the judge’s bench.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have any other great words been spoken? I don’t know, but although a lot of people have their own views on what justice is, and how they feel about it, Martin Luther King Jr. made a point on this statement; it doesn’t matter where justice is being served anywhere around the world, because as soon as an injustice occurs, that diminishes the idea of justice and its true meaning.

I did some research behind the meaning of Lady Justice, and I discovered what the meanings of the objects being shown here represent:

The Scales – Both sides of a situation. The Guilty vs The Innocent. They’re both held at an equal height to symbolize that there is no bias towards any one side, but they both get the same fair treatment (as it should be)

The Sword – Represents the power of the court, and they’re ability to cut the life out of one of the representatives being tried.

The Blindfold – Unless you have concrete facts to back up your claims (evidence), then we are blinded to the truth until further review. That’s what this pretty much sums up, and that’s how it should be. Everything on a clean slate, so that each party has their own fair share to defend themselves.

Somewhere during all of this “fair trial,” information gets lost, views are mixed, and not enough people come to a complete agreement before determining what happens to the life of a person they’re about to hand a verdict out to. It’s sad, because a lot of people don’t even deserve the punishments that were handed down to them. For example, Troy Davis, a few months back, he was sentenced to death because of a crime that he supposedly committed. He shot a police officer, but there was no murder weapon recovered, but they linked the bullets back to another incident and arrested him based off that. Unfair. The whole ordeal reminded me of an episode from The Boondocks, because A cop was murdered, and the inmate was on Death Row, much like how Troy Davis was, and the delaying of the execution (although it was a different outcome for Davis). It just goes back to the fact that we have to remember that humans make big mistakes when it comes to this entire process. No one is perfect, but at the same time, at least have concrete evidence before determining a life.

This also reminded me of the guy who was sentenced to death by lethal injection in Law Abiding Citizenbecause of a crime that he was involved with, but he didn’t necessarily kill the person that he was being put down for. It’s those things in movies that really link to what’s happening in real life. People being treated unfairly based on hearsay, and not actual concrete evidence.

But, on the other side, you have people who have murdered others that have pretty much walked scott free. OJ Simpson is one of the biggest controversies when it comes to that because who REALLY knows if he did it or not, gloves or no gloves, there will always be that speculation that he did it for as long as he lives.

Casey Anthony, the woman accused of killing her infant child, literally got to walk away from that with a minor slap on the wrist, and of course that entire trial came with a lot of controversy and a lot of uproar, but it just fuels my point: what is fair? It comes back to misleading or lack there of concrete evidence, and it’s crazy that in this day in age where people are getting locked up and sentenced for crimes like drug & weapons possession for maximum penalties, the fact that murderers are walking away from trial or serving fewer years for greater crimes, it makes you question the system. We all know it’s flawed, but come on. Really?

“The whole country’s got a fucked up mentality. We all got a gang mentality. Republicans are fucking idiots. Democrats are fucking idiots. Conservatives are idiots and liberals are idiots. Anyone who makes up their mind before they hear the issue is a fucking fool…Everybody is so busy wanting to be down with a gang! I’m a conservative! I’m a liberal! I’m a conservative! It’s bullshit! Be a fucking person. Listen. Let it swirl around your head. Then form your opinion. No normal decent person is one thing. OK!?! I got some shit I’m conservative about, I got some shit I’m liberal about. Crime – I’m conservative. Prostitution – I’m liberal.” – Chris Rock: Never Scared

This isn’t exactly the easiest topic to discuss, because it’s really sensitive, and it could be viewed in more ways than one, but this is the reason why people blog, to get their views out there and stir up a conversation of some sort, but the term justice is one that’s being tossed out there like a dirty sponge on the kitchen counter: it’s being used and abused. Yes, everyone deserves their fair share and getting results for an act of violence (whether it be physical or not) against them, but it’s like the freedom of the people is constantly being taken away in more ways than one.

The main reason why I started writing this in the first place was because of the recent uproar about Trayvon Martin and that injustice being done. If you don’t already know the story (I don’t know how you’ve been able to avoid it for this long), but simply put, he went to the store to buy an iced tea and a pack of skittles, he was wearing a hoodie at the time, and while walking, a man thought that he looked suspicious and for some God forsaken reason which I nor understand and agree with, he decided that it was right to follow him and interrogate him as if Trayvon did something bad in the first place. Trayvon wanted help, but during that cry for help, he ended up being shot by this man who thought that he looked suspicious. I’m a black man, I occasionally wear hoodies, but I never in my entire life would have thought that a hoodie was posed as a threat to others that they would want to come up to them and eventually shoot them. The injustice around all of this is that the man claimed self-defence (WHAT?!) and he wasn’t tried for anything. IN.JUS.TICE! There’s been a lot of people who have put this aside and really thought that it’s not a big deal because people get killed everyday, but when you look at the circumstances of it all, why wouldn’t you be angry about it? It’s sickening that someone who was clearly guilty, could just walk away from this. It’s insane.

There was a murder on Boxing Day in Toronto on Yonge Street of a girl, her name was Jane Creba. She was an innocent bystander who got shot. It wasn’t intentional, she wasn’t approached by anyone for being suspicious, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She died that day, and 2 people were arrested that same day. The shooters were black (which a lot of people would feel is the reason why this crime was more focused on more than anything), and it was ongoing for years, but there are a lot of black kids who have been shot by others whose crimes haven’t been solved, and CERTAINLY weren’t given the amount of attention that an innocent white girl did. It’s just weird how society works out like that, because had Trayvon Martin been a white kid, shot by a black man, I highly doubt that man gets away with self-defence.

“Racism still alive they just be concealing it.” – Kanye West – Never Let Me Down

I could go on and on with other examples and how they related to injustice, but then that would take up a lot more time than I originally anticipated that it would already. Injustice is everywhere, and it’s not just here at home; it’s global. There are people who have committed far worse crimes throughout the years and they continue to walk their lands wielding power with no justice served to them. Justice is a word that’s supposed to hold a true value & meaning, but in reality, it doesn’t exist. It’s a mere image of what’s supposed to be done, but you can go around screaming “Justice for all,” but that won’t get done. There’s too many people in the world committing crimes more than the people out there trying their best to solve them. It’s sad, but it’s life, so what can we do about? Live not to be a statistic in the government’s eyes, because no one wants to be trapped in “the system,” this is why you had groups like Public Enemy & NWA making songs like “Fuck The Police” and “Fight The Power” because they see the flaws in the system all of the time, so until the day that fairness reigns over the people, there will always be oppressors and an opposition towards “The Man.”

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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