It’s 5am…Whatever…I’ve Got Something To Say

Yes, I was too lazy to think of a proper title

Now, I usually don’t write posts like this, and I tend to leave it up to other people, but I woke up at 5am, and this idea came to me at about 5:15 after watching the ‘Beez In the Trap’ video (Thanks Ashley) & Come On Son 32. I’ve been reading a lot of people writing on the age old topics of men vs. women, women do this, and men to this, blah, blah, friggen BLAH. Men & Women are different, we both have flaws, and trust me, no matter how long we’ll continue to bash one another, we’re still going to eat, sleep, have sex, breed, and BE together (unless you’re a homosexual, then this doesn’t apply to you) for the long haul.

Chris Rock famously said once “Women, women, women…What do y’all WANT?! Everything,” and that’s not necessarily all that far from the truth; the same applies for men. Granted, there are men & women that have simplistic ideals, and they really don’t ask for much in terms of standards (trust me, they really exist), but let’s be for real; we all have fantasies, we all have our visions of our ‘dream person’ but it doesn’t always work out to be like that, so the standards should already not be put that high in the first place, because 8/10 we’ll probably end up marrying someone that we didn’t envision in our “master plans.” Now, listen, I’m definitely not one to be counselling on relationship advice, or for that matter, any kind of advice, I’m just stating what’s on my mind and putting it out into the universe.

Too many people are afraid of change; too many people are scared of trying something new, and in this case I’m strictly talking about relationships & dating, and here’s why. A lot of people judge others for going outside of the box to explore and try something new because they feel as though they’ll be shunned by the general community for dating someone who’s not ‘the norm,’ and exactly what IS normal these days? People who we thought we straight are undercover homosexuals, some homosexuals aren’t even real homosexuals, they’re just “trying it out,” and let’s be real here, not everyone is going to go to the extreme to date other sexes to find their match, because, personally, you can’t force who you’re going to be with, people just have no patience whatsoever. There are those who feel the need to be in relationships just for the sake of being in a relationship, which I feel that is stupid, because if that’s your mindset, you’re basically like Charlie Brown trusting Lucy to NOT pull the football away from him as he goes to kick it, but ALWAYS FALL FOR IT!

Many people always ask me why I’m not dating right now because I’ve been single for the past year. I don’t see the big deal in being in a relationship with some just because I feel like I have to. Many people call it being lonely, but I see it like this; I know that I’m young, I’m not that bad looking, but the problem is, right now, at this particular time, there’s no one I’d date. Yes, it would be cool to date someone, but when no one of particular interest really comes into mind because the person is different from what you expected them to be, of course you’re going to take a 2nd look at the situation like “you know…maybe this isn’t a good idea.” I’ve talked to a couple of candidates, but their personalities have been somewhat the same, so I’ve just stayed away from them, I’d rather just focus on enjoying my time single. It’s been fine for me this far, so why not?

Thirsting has been the particular topic of interest for the longest time, and I blame Twitter for the birth of this term. For those who aren’t familiar, the act of ‘Being Thirsty’ and ‘Thirsting’ for someone is when you take a compliment a little further than it should go and pretty much make the person feel uncomfortably awkward in social situations. So imagine it like someone saying you look pretty in an actual pretty picture, but in a picture where you look at your worst, you still get the “damn, you’re sexy as hell,” like…some things, just are better left unsaid, and trying too hard to get a woman’s (or man’s) attention isn’t at all necessary, and I’m saying that as a man. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been getting rejected in the worst ways and put in some embarrassing situations why I don’t actively pursue women as often as I used to, but I’ve seen it from both sides, and I’ve learned from that. I don’t even text girls without a purpose a lot anymore because of the whole ‘thirst factor.’ I once texted a girl, asked her on a date, and she thought it was because of the sexual pictures she posted online, but I was genuinely asking just to ask. To quote some folks that go to Humber, “that’s that shit I don’t like,” and I think that whole thing has gone to a lot of women’s heads thinking that they can get any man that they want, when a real man, looks beyond all of that idiocy, and really wants someone with a down-to-Earth personality. Now, don’t look at this as me bashing women, it’s just coming from my side, but I’m not saying that women don’t chase dudes too, because…listen…you could be sitting here for a while, and I could go on and on, but like I said, this isn’t even my lane, so I’m pulling out and getting on that exit ramp soon enough.

I am who I am; I’m a man with a plan, but everyone has a plan, but how it happens, no one can tell. Nothing ever goes ‘according to plan’ because life never intends it to be that way, ever. So what I’m saying, in relation to all of this, is to not focus on thinking about what we want, and what we fantasize about, because chances are, with age and growth of maturity, that will change, and priorities will shift to accommodate them. People may think that if they don’t have a standard high enough, then they’ll settle themselves short, but sometimes, it’s all about compromising, like for example, ladies, a man can be 5’8, and although you want a dude that’s 6’2, he’ll have all of the qualities you’re looking for. You’re telling me that you’re going to ditch him because of height, because you want to look up (not metaphorically) to someone? Stop it. That’s like a man saying I’ll only date black women, but the perfect person for him happens to be Middle Eastern. Like, things like that are reasons why we can’t always put our eggs in one basket, because you’ll never know who will come along and unexpectedly sweep you off your feet. I’m just saying.

Writing pieces on men & women is difficult, I won’t lie, because there’s always a generalization of both sexes, and things could get sticky. Kudos to those who actually do posts like these and do them well, I salute your valiant efforts, but right now, I’m going back to sleep. Read these blogs on more Men vs. Women related topics:

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