Think Like A Man – The STiXXclusive Review

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, the first thing that came to mind was, “Oh GOD, not another one of those Bishop T.D Jakes/Tyler Perry black movies about the oppressed sexes battling for supremacy through religion, again,” but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I didn’t even know that this movie was slated to come out on 4/20, until a bunch of people were talking about it and even asked me if I had seen it yet (I had work anyways, so that was an automatic no). People were giving the movie high praise, and no disrespect, but I don’t even take a lot of black people seriously when they talk about great movies because if you ask 7/10 (depending on the people of course, I’m just giving a scenario) probably have Soul Plane & probably all of the ‘Friday’ movies in their all time greats. That’s not me being a snob, that’s just me throwing out some facts, but of course they’re not official, so don’t get too uptight about it. Anyways, moving on to the main event.

This movie was based entirely on Steve Harvey’s book ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,’ which at first did cause a bit of a ruckus because men were like “whoa….buddy….what the hell,” and women were like “YES, WE HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH IN HOW TO DEAL WITH OUR INSECURITIES,” (Damn, I sounded like Touré right there) but the point is that the book acted as a playbook in how to win the key to a man’s heart and his zipper (in some cases) and thus turning him into the man who a woman wants him to be, or to find the man that fits her specific personality. I actually did read some of it (not all, because I really didn’t feel comfortable reading a lot of it, because it really is structured for a woman to read, so I just put it down.

(Don’t worry, I’ll talk about the movie soon, just hear me out) I wrote a rant entitled It’s 5am…Whatever…I’ve Got Something To Say, and the main reflection of it was to talk about Men vs. Women, and that’s not exactly a topic I’m an expert on (neither are any relationship expert in the world you can think of), but I felt like talking about it. Men & Women both want to have this everlasting battle as to who controls who, how to get one to think like the other, but the ONE WORD that many people lack is COMPROMISE! Not everyone is perfect, everyone has their flaws, and there’s no such thing as THEE perfect person, in fact I’ll go as far as to quoting Chris Rock. He said:

“The only thing you’ll get in life – is a mate; somebody you FUCK and go to the movies with. You FUCK, and you see another movie, you FUCK, and you go to your grandmother’s house. You FUCK, and you see a comedy show. And SOMEWHERE in between there, he says: You wanna get something to eat? That’s all relationships are: Fuckin’ and eatin’. If you don’t like Fuckin, or you don’t like eatin’, Y’ALL SHOULDN’T BE TOGETHER!”

Now, that’s a little bit over-the-top of the point that I’m trying to get at, but it all plays a role in dealing with this movie. There was a cast (and honestly, they pulled all sorts of names out for this one) that had a great chemistry throughout the movie and it focused on the different personalities and used chapters from the book to highlight how the different scenarios worked together (I won’t give away a lot, because it’s a movie you should see for yourself). When women find out about stuff, they do research, and in-depth analysis as if they’re team scouts for a professional league. They. Are. RE-LENT-LESS when it comes to it; especially when it deals with men, and as being a man, we’re too caught up in our own lives to really recognize when women stay scheming, trying to get at us…DAWG (If you don’t get the reference, click here).

The reason why I liked this movie so much, and why I can commend others for raving about it, was because not only was there humour (a lot of it), but the way that the different scenarios were played out and how there was a beginning, a middle, and an end. There were the cheesy moments, and you’ll always get that in a romantic-comedy of some sort, but it didn’t feel as long as it was, and it was really something that you could look at your own relationship woes *points to self* and think about. Many people could relate to it, whether they were the guy who got all the girls, the girl who got all of the wrong guys for being too easy, the single mom, the committed man who’ll never pop the question, and our FAVOURITE – the strong, independent & successful woman whose standards are about as high as her tax bracket.

Now, a book is not always right, and I’m not saying that this book is, but it can further help us in our decision-making and try to put us in a perspective that makes us think things over, and relationship books are often tricky because not everyone is the same, and those hoping to expect the same results that would be given in the context of the book, well, let’s just say, it doesn’t always happen like that and we have to face the harsh realities of what we call life.

Megan GOD (because she is a goddess) has all of my thirst. All of it…okay maybe not all, because Mila Kunis is my wife, but lord have mercy it was great to see some sistas in a movie and black love was thriving. You don’t see too much of that anymore. It’s always, baby-mama this, baby-daddy that, “no, I’m not the father Maury,” “yes he is 1000 percent, Maury,” YADDA! YADDA! YADDA! Regina Hall, Taraji P. Henderson, and Gabrielle Union (with her sexy ass) will literally just hold you in place for the entire 2 hours of the movie, I don’t care who you are. That’s too much sexy on one screen at one time. Every Chris Brown role I’ve seen in movies, he’s died in both of them; one at the beginning and one at the end. I’m not gonna lie, a random bullet in his chest would have made this movie a little better, but this is a PG movie, so he got away with one. Kevin Hart was HI-LAR-I-OUS (every scene at the basketball court: DEAD), and surprisingly, I wasn’t annoyed by Terrence J (for those who don’t know, he’s one of the hosts of BET’s 106 & Park (You don’t want to watch it though, it hasn’t been good in like 7 years).

I learned that relationships are all different, and even though one book can seem to be a scheme effort, it can actually be used for good on both sides, and not evil by just one or the other. Let’s make love, not war, always peace in the sheets (I meant streets, but you know what, my mind is elsewhere right about now). This is a movie I would recommend on a date (1st date for sure for an icebreaker if both of you don’t feel like talking for 2 hours), and just overall movie-going entertainment. I enjoyed it very much, and I’m sure you will as well. I haven’t heard anything negative about it, so let’s hope it stays that way. This is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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