Throwback Album of the Day – A Night At The Opera – Queen

This is my mother’s favourite rock band, and it was one that I grew up listening too, even though it wasn’t until a few years ago my mom told me that I used to go absolutely ape shit when Bohemian Rhapsody came on, and I knew every word to it, but how could you blame me? That song is still to this day A-MA-ZING! I may not remember 100% every song from this album, but my mother has like (almost) all of them, so I’m sure a few songs would ring a bell. Broaden your mind past Hip Hop & R&B, and explore something new. That’s the only way you’ll grow, and that’s what I was taught by my mother, and that piece of advice is relevant for anyone at any point in time, so heed that message, and maybe you’ll thank me one day for telling you. Enjoy this album.


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