Classic Art – Masterpiece – Jackson Pollock

The thing about art that’s so enchanting is that, we look at something and we have our own unique view on it. Unlike music, where a lot of people can have the same opinion on a song, art always means something different to everyone. When I look at the artwork of Jackson Pollock, it’s more than just splatter stains on canvas. Art isn’t something that’s supposed to have structure (unless that’s your style), it’s fluid, it’s rhythmic, it’s in motion, and there’s always an explanation that can be interpreted to others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be comprehended by them.

In this piece, because I have this at home I can look at it closely, I see a lot of shapes and figures that vary from war to nature, and other emotions like anger & joy. Despite the loud colours with a lot of black and orange, the blue spots indicate other themes like peace & hope throughout the madness. Sort of like a Yin & Yang factor, but that’s just my interpretation of it. The white marks are for purity and cleanliness whereas this looks like a heap of trash. It’s one large juxtaposition when you think about it. I always get something new from it when I look at it. You take a look and interpret what it means to you. It’ll exercise your brain for a bit. Try it.

This song is perfect for this piece. Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Grover Washington Jr.

One thought on “Classic Art – Masterpiece – Jackson Pollock

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