(Mixtape) The Layover in Texas – Nemesis

The joys of social networking are, you’ll never know what you’ll experience if you’re not open to listening, watching, or just reading something that someone sends you. It’s essentially how we operate in this day in age, so with that being said. One of my followers sent me this mixtape to my email. Usually, I don’t just listen to any and everyone, but since I was asked first, I thought to myself “why not?” But, moving on, the main thing is, I’m glad I did, because this is more than what I had expected. Nemesis isn’t bad at all. The ‘IVXX’ song was the first one that I listened to (since it was stated that it was the first single off the project), and I was hooked from there. Here’s a small bio of him:

* 20 year Old Rapper From Lubbock, TX. Grew Up On Bone Thugs, Spice 1, And Dj Quik. Currently Affiliated With L.I.K.W.D/ Sky R.O.C.C.K Academy.The Goal Of My Music Is To Revoke A Certain Emotion, Or Train Of Thought Out Of My Fans. Bad, Good, Inspirational, Angry… Whatever Emotion It Is, As Long As Its Pure And Honest *

His rhymes are RAW, the production is SOLID, but the one thing that I’ll knock was the consistency of delivery. Some tracks were weaker than the others even though they showed promise, but everyone has those, so I won’t fault him for that. It mixed with jazz, some techno, some rock, and he flowed nicely on the beats. Right now as I’m listening to this and writing it, I have to bop my head and screw my face at what I’m hearing. This guy can spit, and I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes and ears open for this guy in the future, that’s no lie.

If you guys know me, you know I don’t just promote anyone; you really have to catch my attention and sound good to win me over. This won me over in 2 tracks, I kid you not, and I think those who appreciate hip hop will appreciate this mixtape, because it’s a GOOD ONE! Lubbock, Texas (Red Raider Nation) I SEE YOU! People, enjoy this mixtape, because I definitely am.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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