(Mixtape) Crown Me King – Chuuwee

After long last, the one mixtape I’ve been anticipating from this guy since I first started listening to him has arrived. I’ve been talking about this guy as if he was one of my personal friends, just trying to get the word out there about his music, and when I say that he’s one of the best rappers that I’ve listened to in the past few years, I told you, that’s no bullshit. This is the sequel to Watching The Throne (which is available with the rest of his mixtapes on his Artist Profile), and it pretty much is a continuation, going from looking at the throne, to asserting himself on the metaphorical seat of the highest honour. The medieval concept that was used in this mixtape is used to essentially teach lessons through song (which is why we enjoy music in the first place). Through all of the videos and leaked tracks that he’s put out, the time is finally here for you experience what I and more people each day have been with this guy. I wouldn’t promote this guy if he was terrible, so trust me, you’re not wasting your time. I’m just finally glad this damn mixtape is here. EN-JOY!


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