‘I Don’t Like’ (Original & Remixes)

Alright, so for the people who don’t know about ‘Don’t Like,’ this artist that goes by the name of Cheif Keef (don’t ask), he sparked some buzz over this song

Let me just say this; the song is TERRIBLE! The beat & the hook are probably the only things that got me through the entire song. Lyrics? Okay, listen, this is a generation that doesn’t really care much about lyrics these days, just a hot beat and a catchy hook (exactly my description of this song). So, from here, he got a lot of buzz and whatnot, and THEN…Kanye West (a fellow Chicagoan) came around and added his style on it, which the original producer did not like (pun intended). Pusha T & Big Sean did their thing on the song though.

Alright, so with that, I was like…alright…that’s it right? I didn’t think anyone else was going to go off with remixes (yet), but just today, Chuuwee and Van Dope dropped a remix to the song. Now, you know I’m a fan of Chuuwee, and I never heard him rap over a Trap music beat, so I didn’t know what to expect. Good thing I had no expectations, because it was WICKED! He didn’t try to emulate the same style as Chief Keef, with the exception of the hook, and the modern day trap rapper’s flow, but he nailed it (and, I’m being neutral, not speaking as a fan). Van Dope took the other approach, but he had a good verse. The song overall is hype, and the length of it was just about right, because the original, and the remix were way too long for my liking, but hey, this is why they make music; for us to formulate various opinions on things, and the reason why blogs exist is to express those opinions. So, this is mine. Listen & Download the track, and if you haven’t yet downloaded Chuuwee’s Crown Me King, do that now, and be prepared as his first full-length album is slated to drop at the end of this month. This guy doesn’t sleep. At. All. Enjoy.

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