Throwback Album of the Day – Country Grammar – Nelly

Rap has changed. It’s been more saturated and washed over so that a lot of stuff sounds the same, but back when rappers just liked to have fun with it, Nelly was the man for that. Before Nellyville (which was also a good album, that I purchased), his first album put him on the map for not exactly being a rapper who had bars, but he was more of the fun type (Hip Hop purists refer to it as ‘Bubble Gum Rap’), and he used that to his advantage. Catchy hooks, witty melodies, and pretty much songs about nothing in particular were what he used to his advantage. ‘Country Grammar,’ ‘E.I’ & ‘Ride With Me’ were the main songs that pushed him to his popularity, and having a heavy black AND white fan base (more white than black though) really helped his cause as well. Regardless, it’s still a cool album to party to. Enjoy.

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