(Mixtape) Undeniable – Logic

Just found out about this guy today. One of my followers (Shout out to Jay) sent me this mixtape and was pretty much like “I don’t listen to people often, but I think you’ll like this.” I downloaded it like 3 hours ago, and after the 2nd track, I was like “WHO IS THIS?!” The flow caught me immediately, and the beats that he went one, varying from old Nas & ATCQ instrumentals, plus some originals, his flow on every song thus far is SOLID! I had no idea he was white until I found his twitter page (@Logic301), but like I said for Action Bronson, it doesn’t even matter. If you can spit, you can spit; he’s just added to the list of good rappers I’m finding out about. Hopefully people will pay more attention to THIS GUY, rather than Mac Miller, because THAT GUY is straight garbage, I don’t care what anyone has to tell me; my ears know. So, with that being said, DOWNLOAD THIS MIXTAPE! It’s pretty damn dope. Enjoy.

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