Artist Profile – Logic

“You call ’em rappers but all I see is comedians
My future’s lookin’ XXL, they shit is medium
Call me Bobby Kennedy the way I fuck with Marilyn
MCs approach, take notes, and then I bury them
I’m out of this world, my studio’s the planetarium
The way I flow, this shit is slicker than butter
The second I utter lyricism that leave all the rest in the gutter
I thought I told ya’ll I’m the best, d-d-did I stutter?”

Alright, so if you remember me posting a mixtape earlier from this guy, entitled ‘Young Sinatra: Undeniable,’ then you’ll remember the name. I was introduced to him through this mixtape, so I decided to dig deeper and go from the beginning and really start to listen to him. Right off the bat, the DMV rapper reminded me of J Cole but with a similar flow to Emilio Rojas; and although he may not be as lyrical as Cole, the similar content about rapping about his lifestyle, upbringings, and also dealing with the fact that he’s half black, but often mistaken for white (Listen to ‘Mixed Feelings’). Either way, race doesn’t matter in hip hop (even though white rappers don’t get the fairest of all treatment) and if you can rap well, then you can rap well; that should end the discussion there, but people love to look past the voice, past the microphone, and simply focuses on the skin tone. It makes no sense.

Between his first two mixtapes ‘Young, Broke & Infamous’ & Young Sinatra to his most recent one, he keeps the theme consistent on his progression of his skills & developing his craft. It’s like ‘The Come Up’ & ‘The Warm Up’ by J Cole. To further the comparison to Cole, He has songs that are essentially continuations on every mixtape – Cole has Dollar & A Dream I-III, Simba – Grown Simba, Dead Presidents I-II; Logic has Young Sinatra I-III, Growing Pains I-II (even though GP2 uses the Dead Presidents instrumental, so that was a bit confusing), and his own Dead Presidents I-III series. J Cole really had an influence I can tell. I could be wrong, but that’s what I noticed when I listen to him. The lyrics that Logic brings is that he wants to remain true to himself and his fan base. His style is pretty diverse because he raps over different production jumping from old school hip hop, to the more futuristic sounding. That progression is noticed throughout all of the mixtapes, and his hunger increases. He wants to make it, he wants to be a difference maker in hip hop. every artist has their own story that they want to share to the people when they’re coming up, and he shares his own. He has his own fan base that he calls the ‘Rattpack’ and he is the ‘Pack Master.’

His influences by the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, and Outkast are evident in the samples used over the original beats he rhymes over & also the beats that usually uses as well (Life’s A Bitch & Dead Presidents just to name a couple). He’s an artist that has generated a lot of buzz, but yet still people aren’t that aware of him. He makes good music, and he’s a good rapper that should get more recognition, but he will eventually get that as he is going on tour in the summer (conveniently stopping in Toronto). I’ve become a fan of this guy, and I recommend that you guys give him a listen. 3 mixtapes, all good in their own way. Check them out and follow him (@Logic301).

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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