Logic – Roll Call

The latest XXL Freshman and newest Def Jam signee, Logic, has come across a lot of scrutiny since the announcement, because there are those who are just not quite sold on him yet. Having a growing fan base (one that I didn’t know was so big until last year) and a steady rising buzz, there’s going to be many more people tuning in a getting to know him. The main identity crisis that people still have trouble figuring out is that, yes, he’s half white and half black (I know, it shocked me when I found out at first too). On the newest track that he dishes out over Outkast’s legendary Ms. Jackson beat, he addresses that and other things that I’ve mentioned with great delivery. Maryland has something to be proud of, so be sure to hear more from him as he goes on a Spring tour to promote a new mixtape in the Young Sinatra series that releases in May. Enjoy.

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