Tayyib Ali x Logic (Visionary Music Group Tour) – The STiXXclusive Review

Toronto is getting better when it comes to the acts that come up here to perform for the Canadian fan bases of the artists across the border that we support heavily. This year has been great as far as concerts and other musical performances throughout different genres. I’ve literally been to at least 1 concert a month in Toronto, and it’s only the end of July.

So official. Shout out to Wrongbar

When I first started listening to Logic, I found that he was dope when it came to his style and he has bars. He’s not one that is essentially mainstream, but his appeal stretches across a lot of places, and his music shows why. When I found out that the independent label he’s under, Visionary Music Group, was coming to Toronto, of course I had to take the opportunity and see him, because I support good hip hop, and he’s a good hip hop artist. He has that kind of 90s flow to him, but he keeps it raw and he’s humble, especially since he’s still one that’s coming up.

I won’t lie, when I saw the name Tayyib Ali on the ticket, I was like “who?” but I was going to find out that night.

Wrongbar is a nice venue; decent size, and able to hold about 300 people (so I was told), but when I got there…the OUTSIDE…the line up was long, and it was about 7:15. I had no idea that Logic had so many fans, but when you listen to ‘World Wide’ and you listen to the voicemails that people are leaving, a couple of them are Canadian, so I couldn’t be THAT surprised, but still…I was.

The good thing about this concert was that there were no local opening acts. No, I know that sounds bad, but let’s be real here. In Toronto, it doesn’t really matter who you are, because if you’re someone that no one knows and you just come out and your set is wack, you’re just not doing the crowd a favour, and I guess since Logic is still underground (well, I wouldn’t call him unknown), there’s no need for him to have openers, except for the people on his tour. So, it was good that it got straight to the point, even if we had to wait a bit longer than expected, but that always happens, whatever concert you go to.

Tayyib’s DJ took the stage and started to get the crowd amped by playing club bangers (Mercy was the popular choice as perceived by the crowd reaction), and just getting the crowd hype enough for Tayyib.

Tayyib took the stage and went right into his set. What I noticed right off the bat was that this kid was young (20 years old to be exact), and I don’t know what it is, but Americans always seem to have this cool laid back kind of swag that just rubs off in the best way. He definitely had fans since a good portion of the crowd was going wild. He performed songs from his most recent mixtape ‘Keystone State of Mind’ (which I’ll probably check out).

His flow is cool; not the most amazing bars, and when you come out of Philadelphia and you know the names Cassidy, Freeway, Beanie Sigel, and Meek Mill, you’d expect a type of aggression and explosiveness in rhymes, but not in this case. He reminds me kind of like The 6th Letter & Raz Fresco when it comes to their flow & subject material. Love getting high, but also talking about their coming up, which is the stage that most young rappers are in right now. It can get generic, but everyone’s story is different. He did his thing and the crowd was with him for a good chunk of the time. When not a lot of people know about you or your music, it’s difficult to keep them entertained for a period of time, but he had a good set.

The man of the hour was coming up shortly, but the DJs changed up and Logic’s DJ was proceeding to get the crowd even more hype (popular song choice was A$AP Rocky’s ‘Pretty Flacko’) but I don’t even think that the music was needed, because the crowd was chanting for Logic when Tayyib left the stage (kind of rude, but you know how it goes).

Logic came out to a thunderous roar from the crowd, and right off the bat he just really explained about who he was, how he came up, and pretty much he wanted to ensure that everyone in the audience, from the front, back and both sides, were having a great time throughout his set.

He performed cuts from his most recent ‘Young Sinatra: Undeniable’ mixtape (the mixtape that put me on to his music), and his stage presence was crazy; a lot of energy and great crowd interaction. During his set, in between songs (which included a new song that he wasn’t supposed to do), he prepared the crowd for a beat and that everyone should go crazy; after much anticipation, he dropped the instrumental for ‘Let Me Clear My Throat,’ and the crowd went absolutely INSANE! I won’t lie, I even got caught up and was jumping around like a mad man, but that’s what concerts are supposed to be about, especially when it comes to hip hop concerts. That was a great touch by Logic.

Noteworthy songs that he performed were: Dead Presidents III, Relaxation, No Biggie, Used To Hate It, We Get High, and as his set time was expiring, he performed Inception as well.

Aside from telling his story about coming up and being the humble individual that he is, he showed off his super-fast rhyming skills, and honestly, I knew he could rhyme fast, but not THAT fast. It was crazy to see. He did a few bars a capella, and his last song of the night, he went back into his catalog and performed ‘All I Do’ and ‘Mind of Logic’ which are some of his good ones.

Overall it was a great performance, and an overall great night as far as the performers & the activeness of the crowd. Logic & Tayyib both stayed afterwards for meet & greets (the line-up was long as hell) but they showed love, which was cool. They’re definitely on the rise, and especially since Logic JUST had a feature in XXL Magazine, which is kind of like a big deal.

Big things

Can’t wait to see what else he has in store as far as future music is concerned, but I wish both of them much more success while they continue touring. Thanks to Visionary Music Group for coming up to Toronto, but until the next show

That’s My Word & It STiXX


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