The Avengers – The STiXXclusive Review

4 years, 5 movies, a plethora of superheroes, multiple personalities, with all different fields of expertise, intelligence, and strength. All of these heroes, loosely tied together as if they were brought together by fate were a part of something big that they had no idea was coming for them. Little hints at the end of each movie with an appearance from Samuel L. Jackson drew an audience in to want more and more; to see what other pieces of the puzzle were coming together to reveal the bigger picture. And, finally, after MUCH anticipation, after LONG AWAITING the ‘big picture,’ it has been delivered in the only way possible – The Hollywood Style.

This movie was hyped up since the announcement of the movie, and fueling it were photos here, little snippets there, and then ultimately, a trailer. Trailers always capture an audience at first, and it’s crazy how 1 -2 minutes of attention can have such a massive impact on an even greater amount of people, but all trailers do that, but for this movie, because it was a culmination of a prolonging series, it was like the MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE of the series. I will say that despite the group of teenagers in the back of the movie theatre that I was sitting beside commenting on everything from what was happening in the movie, to expressing their boyish crushes on Scarlett Johanssen (even though she was FINE AS A MOTHER____), I rather thoroughly, and EPICALLY enjoyed this movie. The story was consistent (and I’m giving this from a non-comic-book-reading-point of view), the action was GREAT, and of course the humour was sound. All of it blended in seamlessly in the mega movie.

Given the fact that I only liked Hulk, Iron Man & Iron Man 2 the most out of the ‘Avengers’ series, I was surprised that all of the characters would mesh in well enough to give us a great movie all around. Replacing Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo was GENIUS, because he just plays that twisted nerd role better than Norton (let’s be real, Edward Norton in every movie plays a villain because he LOOKS like a villain already). Chris Evans’ (Captain America) consistency of playing a soldier that was in a coma for 70 years made for great humour since he was still getting used to the modern-day world, but still had his old school brute strength. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was still Thor; stubborn, medieval, and slinging his hammer left and right while controlling the sky, and protecting the people. And last, but not least, how could you not love Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)? He brings his cocky persona, his ingenious thinking, and his ability to be a leader even when he appears to be selfish because of who he is (if I had a brain like his….man). With all of that being said, you have these superheroes paired up with a couple of kick-ass shield agents (Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye was SICK), and what do you get? – The Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t seem to yell as much in movies like he used to, but he’s still supremely bad ass in every way. It wouldn’t be The Avengers if he wasn’t in this movie. He was really that key element that brought (for the most part) the whole movie together.

Unless you’re an avid follower of Marvel comics (which I am not), then maybe it would have been easier to find the flaws in this movie. I didn’t find a lot of wrong in the movie, even though the whole twist behind the plot of the story kind of lost me a bit, but still did make sense. Secrets, political issues, and the-end-of-the-world themes seem to be very repetitive, and that will always happen, but these are based on Superhero comic books; that will always happen, and there’s no getting away from that. It was still a fantastic movie, and I expect it to shatter some records at the box office, because it’s the first really BIG movie of the year to come out (You can’t tell me The Hunger Games, because that movie was a whole 2 litre bottle of “MEH”). For the average viewer, you’ll enjoy this movie a lot because it has all of the elements that a spring/summer blockbuster is supposed to have, and it’s made to attract a general audience – not just young people in their 20s. I saw all different types of people, stretching from different age groups. It’s an enjoyable experience, and most DEFINITELY one that I recommend. But, for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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