Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier – The STiXXclusive Review

April marks the unofficial beginning of the blockbuster movie season, and it’s fitting that Marvel Entertainment would be the first to take off this leg of the movie season with another one of their, what seems like, infinite movies based on this gargantuan sized comic book universe that we’ve come to know and love, even before my time. The thing about sequels is that when the first one wasn’t likeable on a broad range, people tend to not lean towards watching a second one. This is how I felt about the first Captain America, and it’s also how I thought about Hulk and Thor. Why I mentioned those movies, is because they’re a couple of the characters whom are involved with The Avengers, which is one of the all time highest grossing movies of all time. That one movie in itself brought out the characters and put them in a great light so that going forward, people would want to see more of them (with the exception of Iron Man, because it was always awesome). With Captain America, the first movie gave us the story of Steve Rogers; where he began and how he ended up being Captain America before being putting into a cryogenic freeze for about 70 years – sounds fun. What I like about the Marvel movies, is how they keep with the consistency of the storytelling although there are different missions every time, but the objective still flows from one movie to the next, so there’s hardly any drop off.


In the sequel, there are questions that Rogers has to answer in terms of himself still getting adjusted to life in our present day, but what would be his very very distant future. The times have changed, and he’s still a superior being, but what he questions is his meaning and what he represents all these years later. In order for a good (and even great) comic book movie to be done, there has to be components of both story for concrete’s sake, and action for entertainment’s sake. Learning from Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark was getting used to the idea that he was not only a symbol, yet he was a protector of mankind, Cap’n ‘Murica (I had to do it once) had the same dilemma, and also at the same time, there was corruption and anarchy within the mother-core of the home establishment. If you didn’t watch the first Captain America, there’s a chance that you might be a little confused, because this movie ties into the first one so well, but there are some explanations to help (either way, it still helps to watch the first one).

What I enjoyed about this movie was that there was everything encompassed in the movie to make it great in terms of storytelling, the development in Captain’s character and personality, and even other characters came about to be more revealing in their nature. There were definitely a lot of “wtf” moments, and even a wicked fight scene with Canada’s own mixed martial arts hero, Georges St. Pierre (yes, I’m spoiling – just this one). All of the corruption, witty lines, brief romance, and action you can find, are in this movie here, and I strongly recommend its viewing. People have said that it’s one of the best Marvel movies made, and there’s still more coming, so it just goes to show you where their bar is, and that it’s constantly being raised. You’re in for a good show, and you’ll definitely enjoy it. This is my opinion, this is my review, but for now

That’s My Word & It STIXX

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