(Mixtape) RUBICON EP – SoloFuture

This mixtape comes from one of my followers who hails from Texas. Independents need love too, and a lot of people don’t support enough. Some international support doesn’t hurt anyone. Since the last project I heard from him, there’s been a significant improvement, but of course there’s always more room for improvement. It’s all a process that eventually works itself out in the end when hard work is put in and your craft is steadily being perfected. You never know what can happen to the small artists in time. In this day in age, you can literally become an overnight celebrity, so rappers like SoloFuture need to just stay persistent and continue developing his craft, and more people will recognize him. This is my way of showing love and exposing more people to someone trying to get his voice heard, so show some support and believe me, this won’t be the last time you hear about this guy. Enjoy.


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