(New Music) B.Y.O Weed – Chuuwee x Dutch Rebelle

Another day, another single from Chuuwee. After getting news that his debut album (Wildstyle) has been pushed back for more preparation purposes, he dropped a new single from the project. I had the pleasure of meeting him and seeing him perform at Soundset (read full recap here) last weekend, and he actually performed this very song (got it on video too), so that was cool. This is a song that many people (whether you smoke weed or not) can relate to, when you have those people who say they have something of valuable possession that you need, but don’t end up coming through when you need it at that time. Floppers. I loathe them. This is essentially a song for them. Dutch Rebelle comes through with a feature, and it’s cool to see some more female rappers surfacing; there’s hope for them just yet during these difficult times. Chuuwee’s flow on this is dope; it’s old school, and I dig it. I’m sure you will too. Enjoy.

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