(Album) MMG Presents: Self Made Volume 2

I didn’t even want to put this filth on my blog, but I felt the need to do it anyways.

Thank You Mediafire Gods

It’s a major disappointment and I’ll tell you why. Production – SUCKED! Compared to what we were given on Volume 1, this one doesn’t even compare. Just a whole lot of trap beats with faux-R&B melodies led by newly (or not even signed) Maybach O formerly known as Omarion of B2K. We actually hear more from Gunplay than we ever have in the many years that he’s been with Rick Ross, and he…does what he does. Bogota Rich is a hype mixtape, better than this album, and he’s one that’s really been forgotten about over the years, but I think he got the light put back on him after his feature on Kendrick Lamar’s Cartoons & Cereal (which he killed). Wale, who has seen his better days, has been up and down as his skills as a rapper, but on this album, he improved. I used to be a big fan of his, but then he lost his touch. He seems to be regaining his composure. Meek is Meek. Hype, dope flow, always yelling, but he provides solid verses. Stalley…..I’ll leave it there.

This album is nothing like the first Self Made. At all. It’s wack, but some people may like it since it’s so anticipated. Take it in if you wish.

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