In Memory Of: Michael Jackson

I need to do this post some justice, because when you’re honouring the greatest entertainer of all time, you have to be on point and thorough, but at the same time, this is coming from the heart, and it’s all real. Coming from someone who grew up in the 90s, I wasn’t that all familiar of what TRULY was the greatness that was Michael Jackson until I got a bit older, but I was always familiar with the songs, the dances, and his overall presence when he graced the stage. It was a major thing to witness the ‘Moonwalk’ and to have the ability to do it (that I have), it’s just a testament to his everlasting legacy. Who else could do it better?

MJ, to me, was a symbolic figure, because he danced and sang like his life depended on it, and he touched Billions of people with his music. He’s a hero to many, and he was definitely one for me. It gave me confidence when I danced and I wasn’t afraid to be the only one doing it. At school dances, when in Grade 7 & 8 when kids are scared to dance because they don’t want to look embarrassing, I was out there in the middle, alone, enjoying the music and dancing like no one was watching. Why; because of MJ. He showed the world that it was okay to be different, that it was okay to go after what you believe in, because you can achieve it, and he was living that life, and we were living vicariously through him until we were able to go off on our own and create or own realities from the dreams we spawned.

The first video I think I ever watched of Michael Jackson was ‘Rock with You’ or ‘Thriller.’ The creativity, the choreography – he brought music to life and went places with videos that no one (at the time) did. He was light years beyond his imagination, and he let that work for him for decades on end. My favourite video of him will forever be ‘Remember the Time.’ Overall brilliance, and since I was obsessed with the ancient Egyptian culture, it made it that much better. Aside from Smooth Criminal, that was one of the best choreographed videos ever. EVER! His music videos all brought a level of creativity and ingenuity that simply outshone his competition by ten-fold. Who else was in his league, creatively? Not Prince. Not Whitney. All great, but when it came down to the execution of it all, he couldn’t be touched or compared.

MJ was a worldly man that cared about peace on Earth. Whether it came down to nature or humans, he wanted everything and everyone to get along and work in perfect balance. Although, we know that this is not a possibility, MJ thought it was and he chose to promote it that way. Listen to Earth Song, listen to Human Nature, and listen to how he just wants everything in peace. The world learned a lot of MJ in a way that, it’s remarkable that a lot of people want to through in his allegations and wacky nature as a person to discredit what he stood for. What entertainer isn’t a bit crazy? All creative geniuses are a bit crazy, but you know what? That’s normal. For whom he was, what he stood for, and how he went about it, you can’t deny the fact that he was a genius and an innovator. How is it that it’s been 3 years after his death, and he’s still relevant in everyday life? How is it that children born in the year 2000 and onwards know who he is and most of his songs, not even being old enough to understand what it is that he’s done during his career? That’s a legacy, and it’s one that should be respected.

Michael Jackson is a figure that will never in our lives be topped. There will never be another (male) figure who was that dominate for that long and have a great impact on the world as much as he did. I’m saying it now, because it’s the honest God truth. There will be arguments, there will be debates, but MJ is #1 on any list and will forever be until the Earth stops turning. 3 years seems only like 3 days, because we all remember where we were on that day that MJ died. I was at work and I almost slapped a customer for telling me that he died. 2009 was a crazy year, and to know that he’s not here anymore, it’s surreal, but all the great ones go (even when some deaths appear to be fishy). Long live the King of Pop, “Rest in Peace to the Leader of the Jackson 5,” but for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

Michael Jackson’s Discography

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