Brave – The STiXXclusive Review

Fate. A lot of us have our own beliefs in it; are our lives predetermined and we just live to see the results? Or do we have the ability to change our fates based on the life events that we go through that can determine what happens next? No one knows, but in many cultures, fate has always been predetermined by older generations and have thus continued to pass those teachings on to the young, but with the young, we’re quite the rebellious bunch, and traditional thinking doesn’t have that same impact anymore. In this latest Disney movie, it highlights that in classic Disney nature.


Merida is a girl that wants nothing more than to live her life to the fullest and enjoy doing what she’s doing freely, but the problem is that she’s a princess, ans her mother – the Queen – Elinor has no issues reminding her that that’s not the way princesses are supposed to act (basically “that’s that shit she don’t like”). We’ve seen in many movies, that children have strains with their parents because they don’t listen to their kids when they want to be heard, and often there are consequences that happen with that (Example, Freaky Friday; mom and daughter switch bodies). This movie was no different when it came to having consequences with crisis because when pride gets in the way, we tend to make selfish decisions in order to get our own ways.

This movie, I felt was one of the best Disney movies I’ve watched in a long time. It emphasized humour and sadness, there was a good story to follow (predictable at times), but overall it’s a movie that will surely garner notable awards. Animation was great (fun fact: Merida’s hair has 100,000 strands that were all animated individually), and it’s a good family film that will teach lessons not only children, but also to parents. Listen to your kids, compromise when necessary. I get that you have to be Judge, Jury & Executioner at times, but your kids have voices that can only travel as far as you let them. Hear them out. You wouldn’t want them to go out and transform you into something you didn’t want to be. You never know. I’m not a parent, but that’s just my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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