23 – ‘Jordan’ Year

2 years ago on this day, I was about to start work at a local pharmacy that many Canadians know well as ‘Shoppers Drug Mart.’ That was on my 21st birthday. Worked on the 20th and 21st; on the 22nd, I got laid off. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why, but I had no job. I had graduated the month before from college, I was in pursuit of a job in my field or even a jump start to my career. 2010 was a bit of a rough year, and they didn’t improve that much after I found a job in September of that year. 21 is the age that many people say is the ‘Big Year’ of the 20s because of the ‘independence’ hat comes with it, but that’s based off wisdom, not age.

22 was the beginning of the progressively better times for me. Met great people, worked more, networked more and got to the point of really piecing together what it is I wanted to do in life. There’s still time to figure it out, but to have an idea makes all the difference.

What is the significance of a birthday? Many people see it as just another day the older you get, but it should be a happy time because it’s a year of experiences, a year of adventure, a year of struggles, trials and tribulations that have cumulatively come together and in one day, it’s a day to appreciate the fact that you’re alive. Given the recent events in the city of so many people’s lives being claimed in Toronto, you’re DAMNED RIGHT that I’m thankful for my life and the opportunities that I have in front of me. It’s not easy to want to go on with life when everything isn’t going your way, but persistence and keeping at it makes all the difference. My mother taught me that hard work reflects not only in the working world, but it improves how you portray yourself as an individual. I’m so thankful to have such an inspiring person to talk to and have a great relationship with; my mother gave me life, so I’ll always be grateful for her. It could have been all different, but that’s not the message here.

Birthdays meant nothing to me for a few years because I always worked. From 2006-2011, all I knew was work. Had to sacrifice happiness to get what I wanted, but sometimes you do wish you got to just party hard and enjoy friends’ company. I don’t regret it, because it’s probably going to back to that after this year, but I’ll probably enjoy myself more. Live life to appreciate what you have – that’s the main motto to be pointed out.

The day I was born, my father got me a Chicago Bulls ‘Michael Jordan’ jersey. It was cool because I grew up watching the Bulls, and MJ is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. I didn’t necessarily get the basketball gift like him or my father & uncles, but the competitive attitude that I had rubbed off. I’m thankful for everything that has happened in the 22nd year of my life. I’m appreciative of the things that have happened in my life thus far, but 22 is one of the best years to date aside from 18. Every year is a good year when you make it to see another, so technically it was always a good year, BUT…some were better than others. That a all I’m saying.

Cheers to good health,
Cheers to good people,
Cheers to this 23rd birthday and MANY more to come with new people, new experiences, but with the same STiXXclusiveness (it’s my birthday, I’m allowed to make up words).

But for now,

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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