The Dark Knight Rises – The STiXXclusive Review

            The Bourne Ultimatum, LOTR: Return of the King, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. – What do these three movies all have in common? They’re the endings of trilogies of great movie series that I could think of at this particular time. In what originally wasn’t supposed to be a trilogy, but turned out to be one anyways, the newly revived Batman saga presented by the insanely twisted mind of Christopher Nolan, proved that not only could you take right from the comic book world, but you could also add your own insanely twisted spin on things. This movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ needs to be held into consideration as one of the best end movies of a trilogy and THIS Batman saga MUST be held in the discussion of one of the best trilogies in movie history. I’m saying that not because of entertainment purposes, but because of the other factors & elements that were drawn into the movies: They presented Batman in a way that no one could: the origin of the character, how he came to be, but also dealing with the struggles of Bruce Wayne, the man behind the mask.

            This movie is amazing, and the best movie of the year, and as I predicted beforehand, it would be the best comic book movie of the year, and by the looks of it, it will surely blow The Avengers & Spiderman out of the water because this isn’t just your ordinary Batman – this is a more human emotional struggle that makes it more gripping and intriguing. Let me just say this right now to get it out of the way; it’s not better than The Dark Knight, because the story was so compelling, it was more suspenseful, and let’s be honest, Heath Ledger playing ‘The Joker’ was one of the greatest villain roles EVER to be portrayed on-screen. In order, for this trilogy, I would have it as: The Dark Knight > The Dark Knight Rises > Batman Begins, but the thing is, out of 10, no movie is less than an 8. TOPS!

            Christian Bale was shown at his best as he was portraying Batman since the last movie, but the consistency of showing him as a human being, a billionaire but living in fear constantly has been evident since the first movie, and Nolan did a great job to maintain that consistency throughout. There was a lot more action in this movie than the last one, and it was the first time that Batman would be duly challenged by a stronger advisory in ‘Bane’ (played by Tom Hardy). The movie flowed nicely, and there weren’t any parts that I got lost, although if you didn’t know what was going on from the first two movies, you would have been lost, I’ll tell you that much. One of the big “meh” factors for this movie was the role of Catwoman being played by Anne Hathaway. She’s not known for her sex appeal, and everyone knows that Catwoman is known for that. What I’ve been telling people, and I’ll say it here is this: CHRIS NOLAN DOESN’T CARE ABOUT SEX APPEAL! Anne Hathaway is an actress that can play the seductive role, but at the same time, she can act, period. I wasn’t expecting sex appeal at all throughout this movie because of the emotional feel that the movies have had thus far. It’s a very grim & bleak version of Batman we haven’t seen, so don’t go “oh, well she didn’t do it well because she wasn’t sexy enough.” Miss me with that, she did a great job & so did the other supporting actors/actresses, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cottilard (both from Nolan’s Inception movie along with Tom Hardy), and Gary Oldman reprising his role as Commissioner Gordon. The cast was great, and as far as all of the pieces coming together to make this movie what it was, it was simply astounding.

            This movie reminded me of ‘The Iron Giant’ in a way (a bit of it) because you have this hero that people see as a villain, and it takes so much for the hero not to self-destruct, but to commit an act to really show how much you care for the people and how much they should care about you. The ending of this movie will leave you like “Wait…what? WHAT?!” Believe me, I had a lot of those moments in this movie, but from the very beginning, this movie had me on edge. Nolan just knows how to do it. Such a great director, and I was in an auditorium full of Batman comic lovers, and hearing their reaction to it, they seemed more than just satisfied with it, but there will be naysayers. For the people who aren’t heavily knowledgeable with DC comics or anything to do with Batman, but you’ve followed this whole saga, you’ll love this movie. Even if you ARE a Batman comic book fan, you’ll enjoy this movie. It’s hard NOT to like it, simply because of the poetic usage it portrays in the movie and just how everything comes to be as the time rolls on through. I’m going to watch this movie again, no if ands or buts about that. The last movie I saw twice in a theatre for was ‘Inception’ (no coincidence).  It’s THAT GOOD! WATCH IT! Because you won’t regret that you did. Best birthday present I ever bought for myself (it was free with my Scene points, but whatever, who cares?). Movie of the year (so far), and will really be hard to be topped, to be quite honest. Check it out; give your own view on it, but for now

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