This Time Tomorrow – Luu Breeze

Being an artist from Toronto isn’t exactly glamorous, especially when you have the likes of Drake that just seem to be the first name that pops up when Toronto is mentioned, and he isn’t even the best rapper from here; he just used his talents to get ahead of the game and contact the right people to blow. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t make good music, because he does on occasion (he didn’t even drop an annual summertime single like always, but we’ll let him be).

Many artists from this city are casted into the shadows of irrelevance for that previous example. Many more have the talent, if not more, but fail to get the same exposure, and pretty much all of the artists that aspire to get big, follow the same blueprint it seems. There are diamonds lost in the sand of this big city.

Luu Breeze is one of those hidden gems. He’s been around for a while and has constantly produced good music backed by the Toronto’s phenomenal producers. This project is yet another addition to his collection.

Switching the style from aggressive to mild mannered, ‘This Time Tomorrow’ provides songs that are suitable for all moods, whether up or down. This is one dope ass mixtape of I may say so myself, and it’s not fair that he hasn’t got the respect he deserves. Hopefully after people listen to this mixtape, that will change.

Favourite 5:
The Town
Demolition Man
Le Confidence
Money Made Me Do It

Enjoy this mixtape, and get familiar with more Toronto artists….not named Drake.


Download Here

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