Luu Breeze – The Rewind (Prod. By Burd & Keys)

Breaking out of Toronto is hard as an artist (okay, it’s hard in general, but let’s keep it geographical here) and you have to work your ass off for years to make it out, and with that comes a lot of troubling times that lead up to whatever success you eventually gain. This track deals with everything that Luu has dealt with – taking a look back on life & the events that shaped him to motivate his passion for rapping. Everything about this track is dope, and it’s incredible that Luu’s still slept on (listen to This Time Tommorw). I guess when you’re a rapper from the same city as Drake, no one will really pay you mind, but this is one rapper that shoould be looked at. His time will come. City In Gold coming soon, but for now – Enjoy.

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