Communication Breakdown – Vent XXVIII

“You don’t talk!” “We never have anything to talk about.” “Ugh, I hate that we barely talk, why is that?”

Ya, why is that? There are often times when you’re talking to someone and you both come to a halt when it comes to your regular pattern of talking to that person. How does that happen? Loss of interest? Bad fight? Or just never have time to? It happens a lot, and frustrations run deep, but it’s a 2 person road, so it often lies on the faults of both, but in most cases, you’ll often find yourself being the person who reaches out to a friend and they just don’t respond. You’re sitting there like “okay, what gives,” and they give you no explanation as to why things faltered. It’s annoying – I’ve been involved in a few of those, but that’s just how it goes. There are people I’ve started talking to, but then all of a sudden, they say something to kill your mood and your overall views of them in the first place. That really sucks because, especially if it happens to be someone you liked; that happens often, and you can let it slide for a while, but things just become fake and awkward. That’s not something that anyone would want to endure just to hold on to that one person. The expression “there are 7 Billion people in the world, don’t be stressed over 1” is such an annoying phrase, because let’s be real, do any of us plan to know everyone in the world? No, but in this case, it’s relevant. There are a lot of people out there to be a best friend, girl(or boy)friend or spouse, so to hung up over one person isn’t worth it if it’s meaningless.

Everyone needs someone to talk to; most people feel like they can’t talk to anyone because no one can understand them, but listen, you’re not here on Earth to necessarily be understood. If we all understood each other and how we work, what would the point of talking to anyone? Does that make sense to you? We’re all different and we have different tendencies and ways about going through life, so we talk to people to get a hold of how they work to see how we relate to them. It’s something that I take pride in because talking to people wasn’t always easy, but to be a listener can make it easier for someone to speak to because people often just need someone to be used as a bucket for their verbal vomit. That may have not been the best analogy, nut that was the first thing that came to mind. You get the idea. I’ve built good relationships through communication, and have lost a few due to the lack of it. It’s a major factor in all facets of personal growth and relationship building, and if there’s no clarity with your words and you can’t get out a clear message, it’ll just make your life more difficult. Find your voice, and use it. There’s no harm in trying.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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