The Bourne Legacy – The STiXXclusive Review

I, like many people, thought that this was going to be a great movie because the Jason Bourne saga is one of the best trilogies I’ve ever watched, based on the fact that it combined an in-depth storyline & provided great action all the way through. That was when Matt Damon was our fearless, amnesic hero who was just trying to find out who he was. Now, let’s fast forward a few years to this movie: Different hero, different premise, relatively the same story (at least it was supposed to be), and of course I had my doubts that it wasn’t going to be AS GREAT as the first 3 movies, but I was still going to give it a chance. I’m a Jeremy Renner fan, and I knew that he could pull off this role. Again, that was all perception – now here comes the reality.

This movie left my mother (who’s mainly the reason why I’m so into movies) and myself scratching our heads at the end of it. This movie was all over the place for no reason, and you know how I don’t provide spoilers, but I will say one thing; this is definitely the rotten apple out of the bunch in the series, although it was a different story. I know for a fact that a lot of people will be saying “SEE, I TOLD YOU THAT THIS MOVIE WOULDN’T BE ANYTHING GOOD WITHOUT MATT DAMON!” Granted, however, Matt Damon doesn’t write the scripts, he just acts, and Jeremy can act, so that wasn’t the issue. THE ISSUE WAS that there was about (*counts fingers*) 5 different stories going on at the same time, and nothing was tied together at the end – there were too many unanswered questions and I was literally waiting for something to happen, and nothing did.

If you didn’t watch the first 3 movies, there’s really no point in watching this one, because you won’t have a clue what’s happening. When you introduce new characters in a movie series that has been so prominent, it often ruins the entire thing for no reason. The reason why this one didn’t shine like it was supposed to is because, we’re introduced to Aaron Cross, who is essentially Jason Bourne 2.0, but no one knows that yet. Meanwhile, they’re still dealing with trying to figure out what’s happening from events that happened in ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and try their absolute best to tie it in to this one. Did it work out the way that it intended? Not really. I didn’t even know who these new people were, what they did, and what they meant for the movie (Edward Norton & his crew, for example). There was a lot of jumbling on and it made no sense to me.

Why should you watch this movie? I’m still working on an answer to that, because really it wasn’t worth the $30 that I spent (I don’t condone bootlegging, but…) and it was really a disappointment, but at the same time, it was alright. What I’ll give kudos to is that the style and feel of the movie was reminiscent of the previous ‘Bourne’ movies. I liked how there were similar references to chase scenes & even the way that Jeremy & Rachel’s characters cross paths sort of like how Jason Bourne & Marie met, which was on the argumentative side. There were still some good stuff about the movie, but it was overshadowed by the 800 stories happening at the same time; it just wasn’t clear & coherent.

10 years since ‘The Bourne Identity’, we were indulged in a captivating story about a man who was searching for his true self and putting an end to the madness. At the end of the 3rd movie, they should have just left it like that…the end, because I don’t want to say that it completely tarnishes the series, but the colour is starting to rub off. Hopefully this will be it for the Bourne movies (since there are no more books to base the movies from), and just let it bask in greatness. I’m sad that this was the last summer blockbuster this year and it was a disappointing one. Oh well, that’s why we watch the movies, but for now, this is my review, just stating my opinion

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3 thoughts on “The Bourne Legacy – The STiXXclusive Review

  1. Unfortunately, Ludlum left notes behind and there have been several books written since he died. Bourne Legacy the novel, was written by Eric Van Lustbader.
    Great review!

  2. Eric van Lustbader isn’t Robert Ludlum and the new Jason Bourne, The Bourne Legacy, isn’t the old Jason Bourne. Lustbader writes a good story but decided to take and change Bourne into his own character. I have read all the books in the Bourne series and it only took Lustbader a couple of chapters to kill off Bournes best and only friends, why Mo? The new Bourne never thinks about Maria and his family only as after thoughts. The Ludlum’s Bourne would have rarely went a chapter without bringing Bourne/Webb’s family into the story. Why did Lustbader have to bring back the dead, Joshua, Bourne’s dead son. The story would have been just as intriguing with or without bring back the dead Joshua. Overhaul the story is good and I will read the rest of the series however Lustbader as to give Bourne the identity Ludlum gave him and not try to reinvent a new Jason Bourne. Ludlum’s Bourne is what we readers of the Bourne series what to read about not a Lustbader new character.

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