Theo Vs J.J.: Dreams Vs Reality – Skyzoo

Skyzoo is someone that I should have featured for the longest time, but I didn’t get around to it (although I did post one of his videos a while back). Well, that’s unfortunately just a tale of his career: Unappreciated and overlooked, but severely underrated. He’s one of the better rappers not mentioned in the discussion of who are the good rappers today (like Blu & Chuuwee alike, for example). This recent project is like a tale of two personalities but the same man: The dreamer & the realist. Using popular black TV figures like Theo Huxtable & J.J. Evans (The Cosby Show & Good Times, respectably), it shows a contrast of households and thought processes of how they live their lives. One easy, one not so easy. A great concept, great production on the mixtape, and of course Skyzoo does his thing and drops bars upon bars. Get into his music, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.

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