Artist Profile – Skyzoo

Hopefully living in the ‘W’ like I’m here on business
Cause for the win I’m leaving everyone to here to witness
But then again I’m seeing everyone in here with visions
They too vivid so I’m here till no one here is living
The way I ease up and dig her out we up and get em down
Gotta lean witnesses cause my sneakers be sticking out

This profile is long overdue, but there’s no such thing as a time limit in music, so there’s always just the right time to do things. Skyzoo is a rapper who, by name you’ll think is pretty funny at first, but when you dive into his music, he’s actually one of a kind. Brooklyn is home to some legendary rappers: The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, Jay-Z, (arguably) Fabolous, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and the list literally goes on and on. As the years go by, a new wave of rappers from that particular New York borough start to emerge and evidently flourish: Joey Bada$$ being the most recent one as well as the rest of ProERA (get to know them on Cafe Hip Hop). But the thing about Skyzoo is that he’s been around for a while just simply flying under the radar, but it wasn’t until late 2011 when people kept talking about him that I discovered who he was through word of tweet.

I was told to first listen to The Great Debater, and that’s when I discovered that he had this powerful delivery and he had a message behind him to drive his emphasis to remain true to the theme.

It really set the tone for me where I looked at him as a rapper. In Brooklyn, there’s a lot of pride, and at the same time, a lot of people believe that Brooklyn rappers aren’t that distinguishable from each other and they all in a way sound the same, but that’s always been the tale of hip hop period – people sampling other people’s flows as their own (faking it till you make it). Skyzoo has a distinguishable flow that you can definitely appreciate. It feels very retro in a way because he just brings that type of vibe to his music.

What I appreciate the most about Skyzoo is that from the projects that I’ve heard from him (and the ones I recommend you listen to first off), he’s a great story-teller, and the production behind him is great, which is important. MCs need a DJ to rock with, and Skyzoo has yet to disappoint. He has a vivid flow and it’s a shame that he isn’t appreciated as much as he should be, because he has talent and is rapping better than most. I pray he gets more attention in the months to come. I can’t point out a particular project that I don’t like, because in my opinion, he doesn’t have one. Whether you’re a music lover that appreciates the 90s era of Hip Hop and you’re looking for that sound or you’re a new school lover looking for a refreshing vibe, Skyzoo brings both, there’s no denying that.

In 2012, he’s in my personal Top 10 lists for Best Hip Hop Album (A Dream Deferred) & Best Hip Hop Mixtape (Theo vs J.J: Dreams vs Reality). He even has a bit of a Canadian connection; he collaborated with Scarborough rapper, Tona on his Direct Deposit project.

He’s good, folks, trust me, he’s one to add to your rotation. Enjoy the music.

Follow on Twitter – @skyzoo

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