On The Lookout – Joey Bada$$

So, I was on the bus coming home from work, and I got a mention on twitter from @BrianBrownYo

I was amazed that this kid had this wicked flow and he was only 17 years old. That’s insane; honestly, there’s something up with these 90s babies (some of them). I asked for more music on him, so he directed me to this piece on him that Complex Magazine wrote, entitled ‘Who Is Joey Bada$$?’. Let me just say that, this kid is crazy. I’m not going to put him on a high pedestal right off the bat before he drops a mixtape, but based on what I’ve heard from him, I was like, okay, this guy is sick. If I could compare him to anyone as of right now, I’d say he’s like the east coast version of Chuuwee. I can hear some Big L in there, some AZ, but based on his lyricism and delivery, Chuuwee’s the one name that comes to mind, and quite frankly, I’d love to hear both of them on a track one day. That would be insane.

So I did some scoping around, and looking at videos. I’ll share some of the notable ones I came across:

I didn’t know that he was on that America song off of Mac Miller’s Macadelic mixtape. I don’t like Mac Miller, so I didn’t feel the need to listen to it. That’s the one source that people who I talked to told me about. I had to venture out and find his twitter, because he didn’t have a mixtape out yet, but it was coming out. I needed to know when that was happening.

I got what I was looking for, so all I could do now is just bask in the greatness that I listening to and witnessing on YouTube. Then, the Hardknock video came out….DAMN!

If this song doesn’t scream out ’90s Hip Hop’ then I really can’t understand what you listen to. I HATE to do this, but this reminded me of Nas so much when he was 18 and dropped Illmatic, and I’m not even joking. This kid is raw, and even the features from CJ Fly in this song & Capital Steez in ‘Survival Tactics’ solidify the group (Pro Era) as a whole on the come up as great lyricists to come. Many people say that the 90s style should stay in the 90s. I say, why? Aside from the FEW rappers that are making good music now, everyone else is either listening to Trap music or Young Money. The deep talent is on the rise, but slowly. The kids of today need to be exposed to tastes of what kids in the late 80s to early 90s grew up on – I believe that Joey will be a voice for East Coast hip hop, because let’s be serious, who is holding it down for the East right now? I’ll wait as I eat my Skittles for a response. I’m excited for this kid, I can’t wait for the mixtape, and quite honestly, he’s an artist that people should definitely be listening to, even though a lot of people have already heard of him, so people may already be in line handing me late passes. Oh well, such is life. There is ONE Progressive Era mixtape that has Joey rapping on it. The SECC$ Tape download that. I’ll be sure to post more of his stuff on the blog, including the anticipating mixtape, 1999. But, for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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