The Underachievers – Indigio

Jonny Low put me on to this mixtape, because he said if I liked ASAP & Flatbush Zombies, I’d like this. So, you know what? I took a listen. I won’t even lie, for the first few songs, I wasn’t impressed at all. Not because of the fact that they sounded deathly similar to Flatbush Zombies, but the production along with it was weak. I took a break from it for about a day before I went back to listen to it, and as I was hoping that it would have got better from where I left off, it did. The ‘Beast Coast’ movement is one that features Pro Era (not sure if ASAP is affiliated), and the nostalgic rap and conscious lyricism is what’s common to the theme. Will it work? That’s the only question that seems to need to be answered. A$AP Rocky built a tremendous buzz, Joey Badass did also (even though recent events may inflict his rep – depending on who you are), and success may come from their 90s ‘re-inspired’ style.

Download Here

The Underachievers (from what I’ve heard) aren’t bad. Again, the similar style to Flatbush Zombies is swaying my opinion overall, but they have their sound. FZ’s production is more modern and creative, however, so that’s how I’d be able to differentiate the two. The mixtape started off slow, but it gets better as you get closer to the end. Have a listen and judge for yourself. Enjoy.

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