Django [Original Movie Soundtrack]

A little bit of a late pass on this one for me, but I honestly have no reason as to why I never got around to listening to it in full. As many people are aware, the controversial movie was also brought along by the (I don’t know why) controversial soundtrack. People must be new to Quetin Tarantino’s style and that he’s not exactly ‘orthodox’ when it comes to his creative approach, as most of you saw in Django. The movie itself is a Southern styled Western movie, and the soundtrack contains a blend of Mexican style songs, throw in some soulful jazz, and even mash-ups of Motown & Hip Hop. The problem is that people treated this movie as if it was supposed to be based on a true story, when it was in fact FICTION! So please, for the sake of your own sanity, calm down, listen to this soundtrack, and do enjoy. It’s a good one for sure. It covers all bases, and it’s an entertaining listen.

Download Here

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