No Hookz – Raz Fresco & ChillxWill

Slava P wrote a great article on Raz Fresco a little over a month ago and pretty much what I’ll say about him is just reiteration of what he stated, but I too felt the same. Toronto talent is definitely on the rise, and Raz is one of the faces that has been noticed among the crowd. I’ve seen him and The 6th Letter in concert a few times and they have dope music. The revival of the 90s sound seems to be evident with the 90s babies. They know what they want, they know what a lot of people want to hear in Hip Hop these days, and bringing back the nostalgic sound that is of the Golden Era is always welcomed with open arms, and No Hookz is a good example of that.

Joey Bada$$ set the tone with 1999 and the rest seem to be catching up. It sucks that many people will compare this or other projects sounding like Joey’s (guilty), but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the whole Bakers Club is doing it big with their movement and representing Toronto for the people who are tired of it being all about Drake all of the time. A great line that was said on one of the lines is “You don’t know Toronto ’cause you bump Drake,” and it just emphasizes that there’s more than just the one face that everyone sees, so the local artists here just want their shine and their chance to tell their story. It’s only fair; Bakers Club has the talent to make it.

Check out the mixtape, it’s fuelled with audio excerpts of ‘Juice’, which made me think about ScHoolboy Q’s first two mixtapes Gangsta & Soul  and ScHoolboy Turned Hustla. The coming up stages before the take off. All around the chemistry of Raz & ChillxWill made this a dope mixtape; I just wish it was a little longer, but I’ll take it nonetheless. Have a listen, and don’t sleep on the talent that’s growing in the north. Enjoy

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