Again?! Now What?! – The Dwayne/Jermaine Saga Continues

I’m not one for celebrity gossip, and I really don’t pay attention to a lot of things going on, neither do I carry emotional loyalties to anyone, because especially when it comes to hip hop beef, it’s there for entertainment purposes only. Now, the last time I wrote about something like this, it was the Common & Drake show, which ended a couple of months back and since then Drake has found himself battling with Chris Brown, while Chris Brown battles himself and the social world, and then you have J.Cole & Diggy and their off and on love affair with their diss exchanges.

It was all good just…I don’t know…

Now, this isn’t my field of expertise (I cannot emphasize that enough), but this is something that I find truly hilarious. J.Cole was (maybe still is) regarded as one of the premier young rappers out right now, and then you have Diggy Simmons, son of Hip Hop Royalty and reality TV’s heartthrob from ‘Run’s House’, out here rapping with the big boys in the game. Now, if my knowledge is correct, this all started with J.Cole & Diggy after Jermaine (let’s just call him Jermaine), released a song towards the beginning of the year called ‘Grew Up Fast’, and a lot of people were anticipating new music from him since his album was…meh-worthy. Okay, so in the song there’s a line that goes something along the words of:

Unless you talkin blockbusters, you niggas is not Russell
You more Diggy – me I’m more Biggie
No diss to the young boy im just rappin get bored quickly
Just to make up for that line invite him on tour with me
Show him the game let him finagle these whores with me

Okay, so we got that. It was a diss, then it wasn’t a diss (as you can clearly see there), and we all let it slide. BUT THEN…this line happened

What up Vanessa, I loved you that one semester

Alright so, I didn’t know that Diggy’s sister Vanessa Simmons & Jermaine attended the same college (here come the “TRUE FANS WOULD KNOW” lines), but if you did, kudos to you. This caused some stir, because apparently, whatever what was implied in that line of course went along the words of ‘Sexual Intercourse’, and “apparently” that isn’t true. Will we ever know? Who knows, but some feelings were hurt and thus Diggy said (oh how cleverly), ‘What You Say To Me?!’ Mind you…we know that the line in ‘Grew Up Fast’ wasn’t a shot at Diggy, so people were just like, ‘Kid…what are you doing?’ Let’s continue, shall we?


  • Okay, so hold on…because something just came up that could lead to more details to making this make more sense. APPARENTLY NOW, I just heard a song (I never heard it before) called ‘Purple Rain’, and in the 2nd verse these lines came up, and it’s pretty interesting (Shout out to Rap Genius, by the way)

Good girl huh, father was a preacher
Sent her off to college thought I got her on a leash though
From the outside though, them girls be the squeakiest
You get ’em inside them girls be the freakiest
Mischievous, downright devious
Say she want cake I got all the right ingredients

SO WAIT…you mean…He’s talking about Vanessa?…truuuuue. Alright, maybe this was the song that started it off which caused a chain reaction, but no one really knew about? Hmm…but Diggy’s response didn’t come about until AFTER ‘Grew Up Fast’, so let’s continue.

So, little brother in defense of big sister, put on his cape and was going to play ‘Superbrother’. Here’s what he said in the 2nd verse:

The other day I was listening to Purple Rain
Couldn’t believe all the things I heard ’em say
“Who Dat? Who Dat?” You know who it is
Heard you lying on my sis telling people that you hit
When your album drops I’m gonna hit you with your bricks
So I’m gonna bomb first on you since you wanna rift
Who you gonna call? You ain’t got no friends
This fight is fixed ha, you ain’t got no wins
Lil nigga think he cold, think he live like me
Jetsetter, trendsetter nah you not like me
Can’t find a girl you know that do not like me
I can’t find a girl I know who know you
Wasn’t even poppin’ in the school you used to go to
Got aight lyrics but can’t deliver your vocals
I’m about to read you your rights, Miranda
Only thing you hittin in the morning is your hand, uh
Stand up, matter of fact sit down
Don’t try to call Hovi Hov for a sit down
College boy, actin’ like a criminal
Knowing that you brokeback, Jake Gyllenhaal
Uh! You imaginary player
Even TMZ didn’t notice you was there
Jeez you are such a dweeb
And your shirts don’t fit: long arms, short sleeves

Oh…oh wow…little boy has some skills, and he’s got a temper. So how else to address it? by putting on record and sending it through the internet. Much respect to Diggy for firing back, and to be honest, it’s only natural to defend your sister and MAYBE, but when it comes to comparisons to J.Cole & Diggy in a music sense and career wise, there really is no comparison, but in the sport of hip hop beef (as comical as it has become), it’s still funny that he grew a pair and called him out. That doesn’t happen often enough, so of course the people are going to poke sticks into the fire and make it burn more, right? Exactly.

So…everyone was anticipating a response, and there wasn’t one, and Diggy dropped the diss in April, so we all thought it was over and done with…UNTIL…on the BET Music Matters Tour featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Jay Rock, Lamar brought out J.Cole, he did his thing, and then he went into a freestyle that went along the words of:

The game need balance
Woke up this morning to the rumours of niggas wildin’
Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent
Album flopped, but it’s cool, he’s caked out on his allowance
I was out in Vegas, Kicks was the latest
Bitch was the baddest, her head was the greatest
Only one thing that I ask of you haters
You can’t diss a nigga if you got him on ya playlist

(And the crowd goes wild)

  • Side-note: I have NO IDEA where Tyrese came from, but he tweeted this and it was one of those blank stare moments:
  • “Shit ain’t gonna fly no more… J. Cole … Diggy is family … S** Ain’t flyin … Ps I’m grown!”

Now, let’s fast forward through all of the politics, because that literally just happened a few days ago…here’s what happened TODAY (September 17th, if you’re reading this on a different day). The Breakfast Club on Power 105 was the first to get their hands on this diss track, and they premiered it. Soon after, the people quickly spread to the internet to get their ears on the song. And it’s funny because this comes literally HOURS after J.Cole allowed a fan of his to leak a song entitled ‘I’m A Fool’, so this may have taken away the shine, but I don’t think it did. Here’s the diggy diss now, ‘Fall Down’

[Verse 2]

Don’t know how any grown rapper would
Explain consider me a sub check it

And I ain’t even got my first benz sitting on dubs yet
I guess I rattled you snaggletooth you know better
I thought J stood for Jermaine not Jet Setter
You see me and shook my hand copping pleas in person
Now you act less than a man mentioning me in verses
You used to have dreams of my big sister kissing ya
Now it’s nightmares of a little brother dissing ya
Sneak disses and jabs I don’t really see the benefit
But I guess you lame and it would probably keep you relevant
Maybe you should sign with me instead of Mr. Carter
How you mad at me I got a relationship with my father, huh?
I guess I’m the second one to give this man a platform
But I won’t go as far to say cats should clap for em
And if they did this verse might as well be a hearse
Kill you and I ain’t even curse nigga

AY YO! Diggy Simmons isn’t playing around it seems. Now, whichever side of the fence you stand on, or if you’re not even on a side and are just watching as a spectator, this is entertaining to say the least. Diggy isn’t scared of Jermaine, but the funny thing is that all of this started off not even as a diss towards Diggy in the first place, but simply talking about his sister. Diggy came to the rescue to defend the family, and here we are. So…you can say that this beef isn’t even legitimate beef between the two, BUT this is pretty damn funny to say the least. We’re entering the 4th quarter of Hip Hop, and a lot of good projects are coming out, so we’ll just use this as filler to kill the time before the real music falls into our hands. Enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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