Artist Profile – Gary Clark Jr.

I don’t care no, no
Cause you don’t care
Get lost in this city trying to find myself
I woke up with different versions
Came down somebody else
I know it ain´t right
But its song in my head
Wow I’m surprised
I’m still alive I should breathe in

The first time you probably read about me mentioning Gary Clark Jr., it was from the first day of the Made in America festival in Philadelphia, when I attended in September. He was the very first act, and I only found out about him the night before. He had received a lot of comparisons to the Late, Great Jimi Hendrix because he’s a soulful Singer/Guitarist. He instantly brought the crowd to life when I saw him perform, and you know when an artist’s music just HITS you instantly? That’s what happened with Gary Clark Jr. I’m not an expert on Rock & Roll at all, but he doesn’t even consider himself rock. He’s a soul/R&B artist (at least that’s what iTunes classifies him as) but just adds that flare of classic rock to his repertoire. The first song I heard was ‘Bright Lights’ and oddly enough, my friend Amara (who I went to MIA with) was watching ‘Suits’ and that song was playing too. Crazy.

If I may make a little comparison here, I hope it’s not too blasphemous, but Jimmy Page (Led Zepellin) is another person I’d have to compare him too because of his riveting guitar solos. When I saw him live, I was literally mesmerized, and even when you listen to his song ‘When My Train Pulls In’ and the guitar solo in that? Jesus. It’ll make you go back and listen to Hendrix, Page, and Kravitz to really appreciate the greatness of classic electric guitar soloists. I’m no expert, but of what I’ve heard, he has great music. He has been receiving praise for his independent work, and you can start off with The Bright Lights EP (I bought it on iTunes and a hard copy, because it’s really that good). If you’re simply looking for music that can restore that soulful vibe, definitely check out Gary. His album Blak And Blu is out as well, so check that out.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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