RZA – The Man With the Iron Fists [Original Soundtrack]

The only other Soundtrack that I can remember that had such a great hip hop presence was ‘Dead Presidents’ and that was the soundtrack that I’d grown up with in my household. That Saturday morning/afternoon music while my mother cleaned and I played with my action figures & LEGO. Good times.

Fast forward about 15 or so years later, and here we have the creator of arguably the best hip hop group ever (Wu Tang) and he’s about to release his first movie ever. This soundtrack may damn well be bigger than the movie. The guest roster, the production, and a lot of new up-comers in hip hop were shown off (Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Freddie Gibbs for example). Also it exposed the listeners to a more soulful appeal while diversifying the genres (The Black Keys, Corinne Bailey Rae & Frances Yip for example), and giving the people a Re-‘Wu’-nion (you like that? I like it too) by going back to their old roots (RIP ODB). It’s a great soundtrack, and maybe I can continue the tradition and playing it for my kids one day like my mother played old soundtracks for me. One for the collection for sure. Enjoy it.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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