James Bond 007: Skyfall – The STiXXclusive Review

A new year, a new mission…okay maybe 4 years, but since it’s the 50th year anniversary of the legendary popular secret agent everyone loves, it was worth the wait. When Daniel Craig came to the screen portraying the new and improved James Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan, many people had their doubts because it wasn’t the smooth character with charm that most of us have known throughout the years. But you have to look at it like this; 5 decades of James Bond with the same kind of character lacks innovation or even creativity. The same goes for the superhero series’ such as Batman & Superman. Change is inevitable, and Bond is no different from them.

It’s been 4 years since the last Bond movie, and the world loves Bond, so the anticipation was intense, the hype was built, but it had to do one thing that really mattered – deliver. Could it do that? Could it be a hit movie for all to enjoy not only this year, but years to come? Two questions, one answer for both – Yes. This movie delivered the Bond that we’ve been accustomed to watching since we were kids, and even playing on video game consoles (GoldenEye for N64 – top 10 video game of all time). Daniel Craig is like the more cleaned up version of Jason Statham (ironically, both are Englishmen), and why I say that is because you have brute strength with Jason in his action movies, and then you have Daniel who uses more intelligence than strength, but it’s still a requirement when playing the role of Bond; he’s definitely the most physical of the Bonds we’ve known.

What makes a Bond movie great? Three aspects: A good story, a worthy villain, and action with the gadgets that are accompanied by the traditional Aston Martin. There was a good story in this one, because it was relevant to the times of now (CNN & Terrorism = PB+J) and more up-to-date. Javier Bardem’s villainous role in ‘No Country for Old Men’ solidified him as a go-to-bad guy, and the sinister demeanor was played out well, because you have to be some sort of a psychotic figure to be a great villain (Heath Ledger proved that as The Joker in TDK). The evil charm blended in with the maniacal, yet humorous intellect was a great fit for the movie. Now that I think about it as I’m writing this, there were some elements in this movie that were reflective of The Dark Knight – how…interesting.

All of the other bond movies were full of gadgets and new toys to play with and they were heavily focused on that – in this movie, not so much. They kept the consistency of the Go-Go-Gadget type of car that it is, but they revolved the story more so around Bond and it got deep in his character like we haven’t seen in a Bond movie before. The action was consistent. From start to finish, you were on this roller coaster through action & plot development, but there wasn’t a sense of boredom because the suspense was locked in from different areas, and that plays it part of the acting from the supporting cast as well as the story that was being told. A lot of elements to be considered, but it blended nicely.

No Bond movie is a Bond movie without the iconic ‘Bond Girl’. James Bond is a many of many women, or what we of the Jamaican nation like to call ‘a gyallist’ (or gyallis depending whoever is spelling it). There’s more than one, but let’s just say one lasts longer than the other (as I stick to my golden rule of NO SPOILERS). You got the elements that you wanted, and even a shock towards the end that you could see coming, but not really because it’s a big deal.

I enjoyed this movie because I got my money’s worth (okay, so what I went on a cheap day) and I’d honestly watch it again because I found it that much of an entertaining movie through and through. I don’t say that about most, but as far as not only a good action movie, but a good movie period goes, this is one to enjoy this year, and the next…and the next…until the next one comes out. A must watch, and when it comes out, a must own. Movie theatres may be packed for weeks to come, so get out there and watch it. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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