Rare Chandeliers – Action Bronson x The Alchemist – The STiXXclusive Review

We’ve been waiting a long time for this (free) album to come out since Action announced that he would be working with The Alchemist. We heard a bit of Action on some Alchemist beats this year on Domo Genesis’ No Idols mixtape that was released a few months ago (also fully produced by The Alchemist), and it showed promise (Elimination Chamber & Daily News are the tracks he’s featured on).

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Now that Rare Chandeliers has dropped, I must say that it hit right off the bat, because Action Bronson has had a knack for being outlandish and rambunctious with his lyrics. He stretches his vulgar figures of speech and nostalgia-filled metaphors graciously over the sample filled Alchemist productions. Rare Chandeliers may give the average listener the impression that this is luxury rap. It’s somewhat a form of that, but in the matter of a year, he’s one of the better known underground rappers making noise that he’s one on the rise. So with that being said, he’s still a product of the streets and embodies that prowess in his raps. The Symbol goes into the fact that he’s only been on the scene for little over a year (his Blue Chips & Dr. Lecter projects pave the way) and people are calling him a veteran already. He’s known to be very outspoken (especially on Twitter), so he’ll never hesitate to tell it like it is. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people embrace his style, because he’s one to keep it real not only in the booth but with his lifestyle. At the ending of the track (and at other parts on the album), you can hear some of the elements from Blue Chips when he’s just being random on the microphone with no beat playing. It brings that real vibe to it, and it’s pretty cool.

From the cover art, the tracklist and The Alchemist’s production, R.C has that 1980s Blaxploitation feel to it like the movies Jackie Brown or Black Dynamite. It’s a different sound, but Action Bronson has a refreshing vibe and a strong voice to drive his character that his listeners will enjoy, whether they’re from the old school or new school.

The features on this album all have that gritty and raw presence that reflects on that Black Hoodie Rap wearing Timberlands and a ski mask buying a 40oz bottle of Olde English at the corner store. That’s just how it feels.

Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner – Sylvester Lundgren
ScHoolboy Q –  Demolition Men
Roc Marciano – Modern Day Revelations
Evidence – Bitch I Deserve You
Styles P – Gateway to Wizardry
Big Twin & Sean Price – Blood of the Goat

Everyone played their role well on this album and gave the album more of a rap feel, which was the emphasis Action wanted on it, not to fit in with the modern-day hip hop sound. It was well done, and it’s an album I think will generate him more attention from people who’ve been listening to him for a while now and even newcomers. I’m pretty sure if this album was sold in stores, I would have bought it, so that’s a good sign from Action that he’s been progressing and also consistent with the delivery of good rap music, which is needed in the game. Not a lot of people can deliver these days, and he’s definitely a gem to the game. Check out the album, and check out the Artist Profile for some of his older projects. Enjoy.

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