pHoenix Pagliacci – Books, Bucks & Beats Vol 2: Rise of Baby Buddha

The first time I heard about pHoenix, it was after I had heard her verse on a track from Chuuwee’s Wildstyle (PC ❤ – Computer Love), and I had no idea that it was a Toronto artist I was listening to, but I was pretty impressed. There’s a lot of hidden gems in my city, and slowly they are emerging from the cracks and showing out what they have to offer.

In this project, she displays not only her rapping ability, but also her vocal strength with her singing on some dope beats. In a genre where female rappers are overlooked because of the main ones that are at the forefront, the underdogs are pulling in behind the rear and are poised to takeover. pHoenix Pagliacci has a bright future ahead of her if she can maintain her consistency. If you’re a first time listener, this is a good start. Enjoy.

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